Saturday, July 11, 2009

Almost Officially Graduated..


The timing was kind of weird for me but nevertheless my FINAL results are out.. Seeing that its 1 am and the results were just released.. What timing UTP has for this?? haha..

Overall my results were good, better then what I expected before.. I thank God so much for helping me through all my studies throughout my four and a half years in UTP.. Its truly been a blessing for me to achieve those results and I know I couldn't have done it without him..

Special thanks and gratitude goes out to all my family and friends (Bigger brothers and sisters, Muggles, MIC gang, COP people and all la..) for supporting and being there for me.. Too many to mention for now.. hehe..

Now the final step toward the finish line of my university life can be seen so so clearly.. So lastly will be my convocation ceremony which is on the 16th of August.. I have seen all my seniors graduate and now is my turn.. Yeah!! Cant wait for that day man.. Here are some of the pictures which I have.. Taken long long time ago.. :D Just a short post for now.. :) Tata..


Me, Sebaz & Yau Chong..


Me and Jamie @ Mangkuk.. hehe..


Mel, Mich, Jamie, Thana & Me..


Hannah said...

imagine our graduation day! can't wait.. LOL~

Charlz said...

one thing only john: your hair last time!!! XD

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

hannah: ya me too.. cant wait!!!

charles: i know.. haih.. sad2 to c my hair now.. hehe..