Sunday, July 5, 2009

3rd Day Youth Retreat..


My blog has been kind of quite lately.. I've been traveling around only.. Went to Singapore few weeks back then i was chilling at home doing nothing after that.. Went to KL last week for an interview with Petronas and came back to JB that night only to travel up to Kuala Krai, Kelantan by train the next day.. I even got the time to shop at Golok for few hours.. Well this Kuala Krai - Golok trip is for another post.. I haven't take the pictures yet.. :D

Few things which I just didn't have the time to blog about until now only kot.. 1st the "JB KK Youth Retreat" which was like a month ago.. When I write “KK”, it refers to Kuala Krai not Kota Kinabalu.. hehe.. I wanted to wait for the pictures to blog but then got kind of busy after that which leads me here today..

I'm not sure on the dates of this event but it was somewhere around the school holidays.. “Kuala Krai Good News Church” youths came down to JB for a youth retreat with the “JB New Life Church” youths.. The both youths were connected through the church and they have known each other for about 2 years plus dy kot I think when JB youths went up there for the 1st time to kick things off..


KK youths and their nannies..

So, What happened? Well, it started the day they arrived to JB.. They got settled down and by noon they were all in church.. Meeting up with JB youths after some long times.. All of them knew each other already I guess, mingling around was easy for them.. Their whole afternoon was filled with games and activities.. As usual, let the pictures do the talking.. hehe..


The man in charge, Appa John.. :D


I think the word “little” was wrongly interpreted here.. :P

They were divided into 4 groups.. Peach, Blue, Yellow, Green.. Cant remember their groups name actually.. From left to right clockwise.. Some of them have same names.. hehe..


Peach - Justus, Elisha, Lily, Jonathan & Deborah..

Blue – Hebron, Kenneth, Kevin, Benita, Juanita & Irene..


Yellow - Joshua, Selyvn, Sharma, Rina & Joanna..

Green – Deborah, Raymond, Richard, Aby, Sharon & Jonathan..

The next day, we had a picnic and treasure hunt at the Park.. A newly opened park somewhere in Mutiara Rini if not mistaken.. It was my 1st time there too.. I hardly know JB now.. So many things have change and closed down and opened up.. haha.. I had organized a treasure hunt on that day with the help of some of the older youths (Sharon, Isaac, Edmilla, James, Andrew, so many more la..) which was the host organizers as well.. hehe..


Edmilla, Isaac, Sharon & Me..


The Treasure Hunt..

ST830730 ST830736

What Happen to these wet people??? Lets take a look..

ST830724ST830675 ST830677ST830684 ST830695ST830718

One of the games.. Filling the pipe with water,sound simple right? The catch is that the pipe has holes.. haha..

ST830740ST830737 DSC06170DSC06172 DSCN3387DSCN3384

How could we forget the food.. Thanks to all mom’s and dad’s, uncles and aunties for the food for the 3 days..

After which that night, we had a Dinner and Dance at Pulai Springs Hotel.. The event was a blast but the food was a disappointment for me personally.. Everyone dressed their best on that night..

ST830791DSC00073 DSC000754829_1083313278623_1100091157_30216247_557143_n

The deco was gila nice wei.. They did it just with balloons only..


The proposal, marriage and divorce game..


ST830771DSC00149 DSC00351 DSC00146

Elisha was crowned the King and Aby the queen for that night.. I don't have their picture together.. haha..


Some dancing dancing going on..


My siblings and I..

The next day, we went to church and had lunch together before the KK youths went back home.. Overall, the retreat was awesome and most importantly I got to meet new friends and had a blast with them.. Actually I’ve meet some of them when I was younger, like maybe 10 years ago but couldn't remember.. Just say our parents knew each other since some of us were born..

DSC00182DSC001674669_1080705733436_1100091157_30209522_5583197_n DSC00186DSC00187DSC00189

Lunch on the last day..


Sending the KK visitors off at the train station..

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