Friday, July 31, 2009

UTP Closed..

Hey guys,

I just got to know that UTP will be closed for a week.. And there I was, thinking of going back there next week till my convocation (I will repeat it again, MY CONVOCATION.. WOOHOO!!..) It like 2 weeks away only.. :) But looks like my plans have changed but never mind, I’ll go back when UTP reopens.. hehe..

What a relief for UTP students I guess.. They must be so happy.. Not having to go to class and all..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bluetooth Story..

Few days ago, Sharon, Isaac and I were chit chatting and suddenly we remembered the Bluetooth story.. Somehow I thought it was worth sharing the laugh with you guys.. Let’s start from the beginning..

Remember the youth retreat, a month back I think.. Well one of them came up with the greatest concept of Bluetooth you’ll ever come across I guess.. So the teenagers were snapping pictures with each other on that dinner night.. Then later at home before going 2 sleep.. This scene took place : (Enjoy everyone..)

Lets just not name the individuals..

Voldemort : “Hey Higgi, can you send me those pictures ka? While both of them were lying on their beds..”

Higgi : “Just on your bluetooth dude..”

Voldemort : “Ok..”

After a few minutes or so..

Higgi : “Voldemort, you sure you on your Bluetooth dy ka? I cant find your Bluetooth..”

Voldemort : “Ya ya I on it dy..”

Higgi : “Come, let me see your phone..”

Higgi wanted to see Voldemort’s phone's name and what a shock everyone got in the room as they had to hear his response..

Voldemort : “My phone is with my mother..”

Higgi : “LOL..” Laughing out so loud that it would echo until today..

Everyone around Voldemort, broke out in a hysterical laugh.. Just imagine people turning around on the floor kind of laughing..

Voldemort : “Why what happen??” (Voldemort’s face was blur nak mampus, looking around at everyone's faces still didn't know what was everyone laughing about).. Wait wait, we haven reached the climax yet..

Some time later.. 30 mins or so..

Higgi realized that Voldemort sent a sms to his mom, asking her to switch on the phone Bluetooth and his mother even replied by saying, “Ok, I’ve turn it on dy.. What you guys up too over there??”.. Higgi was laughing non stop alone when he read this sms and then shared it with everyone else there..

Mind you, for those who’s reading this and don't know, Voldemort’s parents live some 20 – 30 mins drive away yea..

Voldemort, I wish Bluetooth could be that advanced man, life would be much easier for all of us.. We wouldn’t have to send MMS anymore.. I guess Voldemort saw a potential to improve the Bluetooth technology.. hahaha..

Cant Sleep..

Frustrated man, cant sleep.. I just got back from Melaka few hours ago and wanted to take a short nap.. But apparently, the environment isn't ideal for me to sleep.. So then I gave up after almost 2 hours tossing and turning around.. haha.. So what to do??

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review..


The movie was kind of ok la for me, maybe cause there were not as much action then I preferred.. But most of the conversations were dead on accurate as to the book which I could relate to.. So no trouble understanding it I guess.. It was nice as I could see what the director tried to portray from his imagination.. I prefer what was in my head in the end.. :D

Some trailers for those who haven't watch the movie yet..

One thing I like about this movie is that they didn't only center the entire two in a half hours on Harry Potter.. There were a mix of all the characters which was fun to watch.. The beginning scene of the “Other Minister” I though was pretty good, as it was showing the disaster the Death Eater’s cause to the bridge and Olivander’s Wand shop..


Some how I agree with Charles on the weapon Draco used, the cupboard (I forgot what’s it called).. The movie explained the usage of it thru the whole movie.. If not people watching it without reading the book wouldn't understand.. The unbreakable vow scene involving Snape, Narcissa and Bellatrix was nice to watch..


A new character was introduce in this movie, Potions Professor Horace Slughorn.. Slughorn played a great deal in this movie, retrieval of the memory and all.. Not forgetting the curse on the Defense Against the Dark Arts position.. It still continues, no teacher has ever taught the subject successfully more then a year.. haha.. Another thing I like was that Harry Potter unknowingly and indirectly was learning from Snape, the half blood prince.. Which is kind of ironic to come to think of it, the person he despised 2nd to Lord Voldemort being his teacher..


In my opinion, this half blood prince movie is a build up for the last movie and I hope I don't get disappointed by that in the future.. The last book, Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows is recreated into a 2 part movie.. Hope the director is able to do it justice.. Since it would have a minimum of 4 hours right?? End it with a bang I hope..


Harry Potter’s cast will change in the last movie from what I know.. So no more Emma Watson,Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe?? Kind of sad though to think about it.. It would be nice to see Hermione and Ron together in the finale.. hehe.. These are just rumors maybe?? Hope it is anyways and they find a away to make all the cast look older for the last movie.. It would be waste to watch this fantastic cast in action for 6 movies and a totally different cast for the finale.. I rate this movie 3.8/5.. Boring but nice.. hahaha..

photo_17_hiresphoto_11_hiresphoto_16_hiresharry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince-11 harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince-20080320101218658_640w

Some recollection of previous Harry Potter movies..









Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Wednesday..

I started my day early this morning, waking up at 4am.. Why?? Just to cook.. haha.. I just started some small business of selling breakfast to my brother’s friends in school.. Selling “Nasi Goreng Kampung” and soon “Nasi Lemak”..


My Nasi Goreng Kampung.. haha..

Today was suppose to be a special Wednesday when there was suppose to be a sighting of an Eclipse.. But the weather was so bad today.. It was raining from early morning till afternoon.. Nothing could be seen man.. So, anyone saw the Eclipse?? I don't get it, Why it had to rain at the time the Eclipse was suppose to be seen.. What’s the odds right?? Haih.. How unlucky can I get.. hehe.. I wanted to see it badly..

Watch the video, there's a guy giving his commentary on the Eclipse and it's very funny how he explains whats happening.. Very lucky people, being able to see the full Eclipse.. When's the next one?? In another few hundred years my friends.. Don't hope to be alive to watch it.. haha..

Then later at night, played the usual Wednesday night futsal.. Tomorrow, I wont be cooking but I still need to wake up early to send my brothers to school.. Home duty – driver to send everyone everywhere.. hehe..

Most of you must be wondering, where’s the Kuala Krai,Golok and Bangkok Trip updates?? Soon I guess when I get the pictures.. hehe.. So that’s all for now..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Almost Officially Graduated..


The timing was kind of weird for me but nevertheless my FINAL results are out.. Seeing that its 1 am and the results were just released.. What timing UTP has for this?? haha..

Overall my results were good, better then what I expected before.. I thank God so much for helping me through all my studies throughout my four and a half years in UTP.. Its truly been a blessing for me to achieve those results and I know I couldn't have done it without him..

Special thanks and gratitude goes out to all my family and friends (Bigger brothers and sisters, Muggles, MIC gang, COP people and all la..) for supporting and being there for me.. Too many to mention for now.. hehe..

Now the final step toward the finish line of my university life can be seen so so clearly.. So lastly will be my convocation ceremony which is on the 16th of August.. I have seen all my seniors graduate and now is my turn.. Yeah!! Cant wait for that day man.. Here are some of the pictures which I have.. Taken long long time ago.. :D Just a short post for now.. :) Tata..


Me, Sebaz & Yau Chong..


Me and Jamie @ Mangkuk.. hehe..


Mel, Mich, Jamie, Thana & Me..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Singapore Trip..


Sharon, Isaac, Mich and I had a trip to Singapore few weeks back.. What was our plan that day?? We didn't have any plan and decided to go with the flow.. haha.. I think most great plans are created when we don’t plan and do things spontaneously.. Most of you might agree with me?? hehe..

Before that, how we came about this Singapore trip.. Few days before that, Sharon, Isaac and I went to Kluang just to eat the original “Railway Roti Bakar”.. I know it sounds crazy right to drive all the way there just to do that.. But what to do, we just love food.. :D Then we meet up with Michele.. We chit chatted for few hours before heading back to JB.. Somehow we decided to have a day trip to Singapore just for fun..

We drove in and just “jalan-jalan” around and most importantly taking pictures everywhere.. haha.. We went to Tiffany & Co to have a look at Mich’s wedding ring.. :D Yes the rings there were just “marvelously awesome”..



Mich admiring her soon coming ring.. haha..


Where do we go for lunch??


We ended up here.. haha.. The burgers here are something different from what we usual have..


The sign no pictures don’t apply to us M’sian.. haha..

Posing2.. :P


Due to the hot weather, we decided to have some “Marvelous” Ice-Cream.. Truly Marvelous..


Some low budget “Grean Tea” ad..


Future photographers of the world.. haha..


Mich and Me, standing by the bridge.. P.O.S.I.N.G..

DSC_9591 DSC_9604

What else??


Random pics here and there.. haha.. Sharon did you literally kiss the lion??


Chilling out at Highlander before dinner..


Dinner at ……. I forgot what’s this place called..


We had lots of fun together and there will be another Singapore trip coming soon.. :D