Friday, June 12, 2009

Muggles Tribute..

Hey Muggles,

The long awaited tribute, finally rite some of you must be wondering.. Hope it's worth the wait you guys and girls..

Presenting the Muggles..


Firstly you’re the 1st person that I knew from the Muggles bunch. MAS week. The best thing about you, Charles is that you’ve been a great friend to me, helping me in whatever problems I have it may be from spelling, studies, and assignment to helping me with my car and almost everything la. I will remember your one of a kind screeching noise the most which is Charles’s trademark in UTP. I know that no one can do it so far.

Another thing is that you’re one of the most creative people I’ve known with your Photoshop skills and crazy ideas. Everyone will agree with me when I say you’re a super confident person and it shows when you present and when you’re on stage. Somehow I think this confidence comes from your vanity. Hurm, I think you’re one of the vainest guy I’ve meet. Lastly you’re unforgettable because you’re witty, being able to make people laugh at the things you say.

Remember what you guys got me for my birthday?? hehe..


Batch Dinner..


First thing you posses the best leadership skills among us and have been a great leader for Muggles. Every time without fail, you keep us in check with our tasks and deadlines. Secondly I can say this confidently that without you reminding me on the deadlines I would have forgotten and done lot of my work super last minute. Then I think there were few occasions where Charles and I did our work super last minute because we weren’t in the same group as you.

Mamak Sessions.. CIS JAN 05 BBQ..

Next you’re one of the most hardheaded people I know. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not. You know what I mean. We have had our fair share of uproars but in the end we were able to deal with it and put our differences aside because we know we’re friends and friends forgive whatever, true or not?? I know you mean good to me and lastly you’re a good listener. Thank you for lending me your ears, listening to all my troubles and stuff.

Dean List Award.. Anis's Bday..

Dean List Award.. Business Plan Havoc..

Batch Dinner..

..Malini @ Siam..

Siam, so long since I called u that, you’re the most hardworking person I’ve ever meet. A very dedicated girl in whatever work you do. Next you’re the person that will initiate the assignment s and projects before anyone else in the group do. Most of us will wait till the last week but you complete it in the 1st week the assignments are given out. Another thing is that you have taught me not to procrastinate and I can say the same goes for the rest of the Muggles.

What pose are those?? haha..

CE Presentation.. HSE Preparation..

I think you have the highest attendance among any of the Muggles, you very rarely skip any classes and when you’re sick you still want to go to class. Why la? On the other hand, sick or not I won’t go to classes if given a choice or not. I guess the most memorable time would be when Dr.Rohani found out that you were signing for me, and said “Malini stop being John’s secretary” at the same time glaring at me from the front of the class. That sem I attended 5 HRM classes only.

Lastly the most unforgettable thing about you is your gentle and innocent character. Your “blur-ness” and seeing you innocently interpreting so many things have just amazed me and most of the time has brought laughter to the Muggles. I think you’re not blur anymore dy la.

Some Interview.. Hurm..

Malini's Bday.. Projects & Assignment..

..Hannah banana..

Firstly the most distinctive thing about you is your happy-go-lucky spirit. You’re most probably cheerful person I know under whatever circumstances you’re in. I think it’s a superb thing to have and I guess that’s why people find it fun and love hanging out with you. I think without you knowing you have taught me to relax more over the time I knew you.

Another thing that I was able to learn which is to take life easy, have fun and take each hurdle that comes my way one at a time. I guess everyone in Muggles knows your auto off switch (12am onwards), you can just turn off and sleep no matter where we are and what we’re doing that time. – Karaoke pic sleeping.

to class?? Mamak Sessions..

HSE Presentation.. Batch Dinner..

Pizza Hut..


Hurm, where do I start with you? I’ll start with you’re one of the most tolerance people I know. Always there to help a friend no matter what it is. Next you’re also spontaneous and easy to get along with and know how to have a good time as well. A very refined person I think. Maybe cause you’re from a military school background or something. But you don’t keep your emotions hidden; you express what you feel no matter what or who it is. Do you agree Azam? It’s good in a way because you show who you are, no double faces or anything.

Three cool guys!!.. haha..

You’re a passive person doing what other people want you to do without arguing. Another thing is that you’re a very funny person. Somehow there are points to tease you even without any efforts from us. Lastly you’re the type of person who can make jokes or be the joke at the same time. I describe Charles as witty and I can say the same about you but instead of Charles words making us laugh you actions do. Somehow la you’ll do stupid and funny things and keep the whole group laughing. Do you agree?

Saman Night.. haha..

HSE Presentation.. Mamak Sessions..

..Izza @ Meow..

First thing you’re a very pretty pretty person. Everyone who knows you will say the same thing as I did. Words like sweet and cute also can be used to describe you. You think about other people’s feelings when making a decision. Other than that, you’re 1 year younger and that doesn’t hinder you from outshining the rest us in studies. I meet you on the 1st day of MAS week. We were in the same group C6 if you still can remember.

What I’ll definitely remember is your love for cats. OMG!! I don’t think there’s anyone else who loves cats as much as you do (Maybe Nymouq can fight). Now whenever I see a cat I will remember you, Izza. Another things is that your always I mean always aware of the camera. No matter where the camera is you will always pose for it. True not? Talk about being alert, like having an inbuilt camera detector with you. Lastly you’re a very popular girl, being the batch queen an all.

Three what??? CE Presentation..

Saman Night.. Sports..

Genting Trip.. Flirty@1030..

..Syaima @ Syambi..

I will start with, I’ve known you the latest from the other Muggles and I think I’ve grown closer to you the fastest. It’s been a year since I got to really know you. Even within this short time, I think you’re a beautiful person not only on the outside but it shows on the inside too. Your actions and kindness toward others shows this. I guess I’m not the only one who says that you’re a family kind of person, if I’m not mistaken Charles also did mention it. How can I forget your huge appetite for food which makes food trip so fun. Sometimes you eat more then guys.

Another thing is that you value family so so much. You’ll be a great mom in the future I guess. Most of all I have fun hanging out with you. Somehow you listen to people’s complains and troubles and even when u don’t have the wisest words to give, the listening ears you lend is more than enough. Lastly you’ve become more refine and quite after meeting that special someone. True not?

Ehem.. Rusna Night..

KL Conference.. Pre EDX..

Batch Dinner.. Steamboat Night..


Muggles art work in classes..
too bored dy.. haha..

The night both cars got fined..

Gossip Muggles Shoot..

Batch JAN 05 Dinner..

CIS JAN 2005..


Charlz said...

Wow John.. damn long ar~ hahahahha XD Thank u thank u so much for taking lotsa time (u hv alot of them anyway rite? :P) keke i had fun reading them. Nvr realized that I've been your Jack of All Trades :P hahaha n ur kinda right too!

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. It's my pleasure.. hehe.. Took so long to upload the pics all.. Found some old pictures since foundation all..

Hannah said...

LOL~` sooo many pics.. i laugh n smile while reading it.. sweet2.. hehe.. owhh..yerp2.. gmbr muggles dinner u x letak.. XD~` Still, i had fun reading the tribute.. thanks j0hn!

syaima' said...

me too. i sgt terharu, terhibur, n of coz mcm hannah, smiling n laughing. ur so sweet. n i agreed with wat u said about everyone. nicely done john. tq tq. love dis friendship so much. hope can meet all of u soon~~! :)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

hannah: haha.. nice2.. I just uploaded some batch dinner pictures.. haha.. your request.. haha..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

syai : yup2.. hope 2 meet you all soon.. I'll be in kl from this sun till wed.. Actually Shah Alam there la.. Jom lepak or you cook for me lor.. I come visit you.. :D