Monday, June 1, 2009

An Unlikely Farewell..

 Hey guys,

My UTP life is officially over and I'm back home now.. There are few posts which I haven blog about yet.. Some super undated posts.. hehe.. Let me start with Jivenus @ JV's farewell.. Haha.. Some of you might be wondering why there is a farewell for JV when he's only a 1st year student.. The reason being that he's changing uni and will be studying Mechanical Engineering at Curtin, Miri if I'm not mistaken la..

So we decided to go Genting for JV's farewell.. We had our lunch at Pizza Hut.. Then played some games at the indoor theme park.. Then Old Town, Coffee Bean, Starbucks.. haha.. I got no idea why we went to all the coffee places there.. Every one had their own preferences I guess.. So we ended up going to each one..


Not forgetting, my 1st time to Genting Casino.. The experience was hahafun.. Got to experience the atmosphere and played one of the games there..


The stupid things we did that day..

The whole coffee bean was looking at us but we couldn’t care less..

Then at Starbucks.. Gray suggested to watch a movie.. All of us agreed and went along with plan.. Why not right?? Since all of us were done with our papers.. Except Mei Li which had a paper few day later and JV which had a paper the next day.. Selamba rite this JV..

We went to 1U to watch Star Trek.. Lastly after the movie we had our supper at Murni’s.. Then we drove back to UTP.. Reaching about 5 something I think.. All in all it was a good farewell for JV.. hehe..


Murni’s Lo Chi Fan (I think that's how its spelled)..


The group of us that day..


People left UTP.. All the best JV at Curtin..:)


AlexAlabasta said...

Murni's lo chi fan (like what u spelled) nampak sedap. How much is it and where is the restaurant located?

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

hey nymouq,

Murni is a mamak but kinda sell almost everything there.. haha..
The lo chi fan is RM 4 or 5.. Located at SS2 square there.. Further directions just call me je la.. :D