Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Final Finals..


Good morning people.. :) My post title is final finals because.. My FINAL :

Study week..
2 weeks at the library..
Final exams..

I finish my last paper on the 14th of May which is like less then 2 weeks away from now.. Yeah, yeah!! But the sad thing about this is that I would be leaving UTP soon dy and I'll miss it one.. Another thing is that I would be the fastest person to complete their finals I think.. Anyone can beat earlier then 14th?? hehe..

Then I would be happy happy alone at the hall when my last paper is over.. haih.. pathetic man.. haha.. Due to my dear course mates who finish on the 19th++ only.. So that's all for now, I got my final futsal tournament in UTP at 8am later.. Wish me luck..


James said...

all the best bro!! take care!

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

thanks dude.. :)