Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photography Session with Muggles..

Muggles Photography Session

Lets play "Guess the Muggles".. :D
Try to guess who is who here??

Hanif, Mai & Kema..
Muggles photographers for that day..

Charles, Malini, Anis, Izza, Shera,
Hannah, Me, Syaima, Azam

Posing gile ar..

Jump jump!! Nice evening to exercise.. hehe..

Where's one more Muggle?? Some how missing some where..

There you see.. haih..

M = obviously it stands for Muggles..

Did you guess right??
Not that hard I think.. haha..


S h e a T e n g said...

wahh nice pictures~
o man, you're graduating!!!
aLll the best for ur future undertakings ya~

AlexAlabasta said...

Cool pics. Jealous2~!

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

ashley : yup yup.. grad dy.. yahoo!! no more studying.. :D

nymoq : haha.. g la ambik pics then.. last memories in utp rite..

Hannah said...

hey.. Muggles n CIS pics graduation tyme!! a must.. hehe..