Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Icing on the cake..


Just completed printing 5 copies of my FYP dissertation which took me the whole night to complete.. The last thing which I need to do for my FYP would be hard binding these dissertation.. Then all is settled.. Just like putting icing on a cake.. :D All the hard work is done and what is left is just making it look nice only..

Just wana dedicate this post to this wonderful printer (Vinod's printer) and thanks to Vinod indirectly also.. hehe.. Gave me no problem through out the whole sem.. I'm starting to blog about crappy now stuff dy.. haha.. Internet connection is pretty good lately (not a sarcasm).. haha.. Hope it stays this way for my remaining days in UTP.. 20 days or so only left..


Charlz said...

5 copies?? how come? I thot 4?

AlexAlabasta said...

Huaaaa~!!! Dah nak kua UTP dah kan kite nie? Rase umur masih 17 tahun, huaaa~

Ape2 pon, selamat berjuang di luar sane pasnih. Dan selamat interview petronas this month!

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

charles : cause I wana keep 1 copy.. haha..

nymq : thanks, you too.. all the best out there.. :)