Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey you all,

Tonight there will be a Champion League Semi Final clash between Ars vs Man Utd.. Man Utd having a 1 goal advantage from their previous fixture at Old Trafford.. Will that be enough to bring the defending champions through to the finals??

Not putting Arsenal's form aside lately.. Ars could do some damage to Man Utd.. My prediction could be true.. Ronaldo scoring with a header and Adebayor taking advantage of Man Utd's defensive mistake.. haha.. But still I'm a MAN UTD supporter all the way..

My prediction : ARS 1 MAN UTD 1


Charlz said...

If 1-1 MU will still go thru :)

NaughtyOne said...

man utd is killing spree..
arsenal end man utd killing spree with a penalty.. lol

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

1 - 1? haha.. true true JV, Man Utd killing spree.. Ars kena whack man..

My prediction gave Ars too much face dy rite..

Next.. Barcelona I think.. Can Man Utd be the 1st club in history to win UCL twice??

Charlz said...

LOL.. MU has won the UCL twice before in modern era also la.. U mean, be the first club to win it twice in a row, defending champions X)

hopefully can!!

john said...

charles : thats wat i mean la.. hehe..