Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photography Session with Muggles..

Muggles Photography Session

Lets play "Guess the Muggles".. :D
Try to guess who is who here??

Hanif, Mai & Kema..
Muggles photographers for that day..

Charles, Malini, Anis, Izza, Shera,
Hannah, Me, Syaima, Azam

Posing gile ar..

Jump jump!! Nice evening to exercise.. hehe..

Where's one more Muggle?? Some how missing some where..

There you see.. haih..

M = obviously it stands for Muggles..

Did you guess right??
Not that hard I think.. haha..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Farewell Night..

Hey COP Tronoh..

Just wana update you guys on COP Tronoh Farewell Night held about 2 weeks ago.. Farewell Nights are one of COP Tronoh tradition activities held every semester.. This semester it was different.. The night had a dress code which was PYJAMAS.. Meaning that everyone who came had to wear their pyjamas @ sleeping attire.. haha..

So far this is the most number of people leaving COP Tronoh at one go.. haha.. What happen that night?? 1st we had some games, then worship, then dinner followed by some performances and speeches by the leaving seniors and interns.. The highlight of the night for me was releasing the balloons as a symbol of our prayers to God.. The idea was to write things that we were thankful for to God on the balloon.. Now let the pictures do the talking..

Grouping for some games..

Footwear for that night.. haha..

Makan makan time..

Speeches by the leaving graduate seniors..


Photo taking session before releasing the balloons..

releasing our balloons.. hehe..

Another souvenir.. This one is from Nabila..
A drawing of all our faces..

Leaving for Internship : Kana, Hann, Josiah, Aaron, Henry, Lemi

Graduating Seniors : Michele, Melissa, Xiao Qi, Jesse, Diane, William, Jack, Kelvin, David, Soon Yen, Debbie, Chung Ginn,Teik Hui, Chuan, Reena, Charles and myself..

At the end, it was a memorable night.. :D COP Tronoh has been most of our 2nd home here in UTP and the same can be said for me.. I'm truly blessed, having to know each and everyone of you and leaving an impact in my live one way or another.. So to those graduating, all the best in your future undertaking and continue to trust God in whatever it may be.. Those going for internship, I wish you guys all the best too and have fun doing your intership.. hehe.. Thats all for now.. Cya..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

To Uncertainties & Friendships..

Hey you all,

My final finals just ended and before I know it UTP life is also about to be over as well.. No more classes, studying, test, assignment and the best is no more finals!!.. Yeah!!.. hehe.. Now I 'm kinda having so many mix feelings.. I'm HAPPY & GLAD that I have completed my degree, SAD that I wouldn't be seeing my love ones in UTP that often anymore also not forgetting COP + football, WORRIED & SCARED of the uncertainties that lies ahead of me.. So far my life has been planned out for me and I knew where and what I was suppose to do.. I just kinda realised that it was planned out actually.. haha..

Starting from primary school after completing UPSR, I knew that I needed to go to secondary school and complete that as well and I did it.. After that?? UTP.. Got the scholarship and I was thinking, what the heck right? Just go for it only.. haha.. I thank God for placing me in UTP, where I've learn a lot of things from so many people and life experience that I wouldn't think I get anywhere else.. The person I am today is because of the circumstances which God placed me in and I'm so grateful for that.. I wouldn't take anything away from this experience here in UTP may it be good, bad, happy, sad, stupid, idiotic and many more.. Later I know I'll be able to look back and just smile at it all.. haha.. :D

So back to the story.. After UTP, what do I do?? Yes I know working life is unavoidable but can I get a job and if I do, what and where do I go.. So far, God has brought me through all this way and I know he will do the same after this as well.. I have an interview with Petronas on 28th May and I hope that I do get a job with Petronas.. Looking at the economic crisis and news that Petronas isn't taking in as many scholars as they used too makes me worried and be so uncertain of the path ahead of me.. Lets wait and see where God leads me.. This post is dedicated to my one and only God.. hehe..

Some advise (you can take it if you want to, if not just continue reading only la.. hehe..) to those STILL in UTP, don't waste time complaining about UTP and everything here and fighting among ourselves (go make amends and forgive each other) but thank God for the opportunities and the people he gave to be around you to learn and experience and be a better person in life from all of it.. ENJOY and be HAPPY you all.. That's all for now.. Bye2.. Going to continue watching GG 224 and I cant believe I paused it and wrote all of this.. haha..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day..

Hey Mummy,

To mummy aka Pn. Irene :D,

Mothers are special people
God knew that from the start
That's why he created them in His own image and to them gave the biggest heart.

She's able to heal our hurts with only a kiss and hug
She's able to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is never slow as a slug.

Thanks mummy for taking care of us, cooking for us all the time.. I love all your food mummy.. From simple american breakfast to super nice christmas dishes..

Mothers are special people
God knew they'd always be
He created them to do so much that involves you and me.
She has to be a teacher to teach us what we need to know
She has to be a taxi driver to get us where we need to go.

Thanks mummy for teaching us (literally being my English teacher in school), and being Abigail, Jonathan and Hebron's teacher too.. hehe.. Plus you help driving us almost everywhere when I didn't know how to drive yet..

Mothers are special people
God knew His work was complete
When He created someone that could do SOOO much on her own two feet.
She is a Christian on Him she depends
She displays the fruit of the Spirit and a helping hand she is willing to lend.
Mothers are special people

Thanks mummy for teaching us to love Jesus and more, teaching us to be a better person in life.. Lastly to all mothers out there who somehow read my blog, I wana wish a Happy Mother's Day to you too.. :D

From Abigail, Jonathan, Hebron and Me..