Wednesday, February 11, 2009

UTP's Lousy Internet Connection

Hey everyone,

Just to stress this again.. UTP has the worst Internet connection I've ever used before in my life.. My grandma can walk faster then this.. and she's 75years old.. I'm serious.. Any more better metaphors?? hehe.. It's getting worst by the day I think.. Haih.. Cant even load the Google page most of the time.. Why Why?? It's kinda irritating and frustrating you know..

On top all of these aggravations.. It's hard to belief that a technological university has a Internet connection comparison to a snail(not moving snail) and they still have the nerve to make us work to become well rounded students..

If even simple assignments are going to be a problem due to this grandma speed connection, what more would we know anything that has happen outside this university.. Newspapers?? hurm.. The only place I know has it is the library.. Plus our library is not the most inviting place to go and everyone is dreading to go to the library because of the new rules imposed..

Every information that we receive is pretty much outdated and we are always left behind(except for series and movies).. haha.. Tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised if we are the last to know that we're invaded by some aliens or something and knowing this uni is in the middle of no where.. So now I'm done complaining dy.. :D


AlexAlabasta said...

Second all your words~!

Ern said...

Glad I'm not in there de... can go to starbucks for fast surf! haha.. If you really want fast connections, can try out the Celcom broadband. It's pretty good and cheap too. =D

Dean said...

it's soo annoying it's beyond hope.