Saturday, February 7, 2009

Langkawi Trip - Day 2..

Hey u guys,

It's been long since I've updated about Langkawi.. and I think the Langkawi Trip is kinda old news dy but nvm, I still wana blog about it.. hehe.. Day 2 begins with us going to the cable car but due to strong winds, we couldn't go.. Sad sad.. As usual we were snapping pictures after pictures, since were there might as well right.. hehe.. All kinda poses..

On our way to the cable car..

While waiting for the cable car to open..
We visited the deers there.. hehe..

We gave up hope waiting dy and next.. See what happen!!..
Acong syok sendiri there joined by Azam and Bun..

What else?? Need I say more?? haha..

The girls trying out some hats just to snap a pic..
They didn't buy it.. haha..

Disappointed and beginning to wonder, what more can go wrong on this trip?? Taman Legenda under construction and then can’t go on the cable car.. Suddenly our organizer, Mr. Boss @ Hanif came up with an idea to go island hopping.. Yeah!! He managed to find and rent a boat to bring us around.. Cool.. haha..

On our way to island hopping.. Too excited dy.. haha..
But somehow Acong could sleep thru all of it..

All aboard!!..

haha.. popping out our heads..

Ms. Sea Sick.. "Kesian" :(..

So what did we do on this island hopping?? hehe.. 1st we stopped by some beaches.. Played around and of course more pictures.. hehe..

Ms. Sea Sick got realy sick and could walk dy..
But still they could miss the chance to pose.. haha..

Beras Basah Beach..

What did we do there?? haha..

Why?? Dont ask me, I got no idea..

Then we headed to see some eagles.. We arrived at some eagle feeding area but there wasn't a single eagle up in the sky.. There were all in the trees and I was wondering is that it?? Then the boat dude threw some chicken meat into the water.. And then??? The eagles started hovering over the food in the water.. The eagles then would swoop down and grab up the food.. That was the most majestic thing I ever saw man.. Dam cool..

Some awesome eagles..

Next we were off to our last destination which was a lake in one off the island there.. The place was called Tasik Dayang Bunting.. Most of us went for a dip in the lake while the others we paddling boats around the lake.. hehe.. The scenery was just so nice and very peaceful I might add.. Some change in the scenery from what I'm used too..

This looks like a pregant lady rite??

So what happen here?..

Here also play card.. haha..
I think almost every where we were playing cards..

Secondly we went boat paddling around the lake..

Next, having a dip in the lake..

and yes.. we cant forget this guys.. haha..

Ya and this guys even had time to throw me in the lake..
Why la Why la.. haha..

Bye bye lake..

After a tiring day of activities, we headed back to the apartment to freshen up for the night out.. But hurm.. We had our dinner and then our night out was spent at the Langkawi Hospital Car Park.. Why?? You guys no need to know the details la.. haha.. We weren't going to let this stop us from having fun still.. So we gather in a circle and played "mafia".. haha.. A game full of deceits and deceptions.. I guess all would agree with me that Djaa was the most silent killer and she survived all the rounds..

Then we went for supper and headed back for some good night rest..

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