Saturday, February 21, 2009

Avatar vs GEN 06 - Final Score..

Hey guys,

Just now the weather wasn't good to us and we played under the heavy rain.. The game ended without any goals for both sides.. We had our chances but we failed to equalize on it.. We lost to GEN 06's stamina and speed.. Easy said, they were fitter then us.. haha.. Two more games to go..

Final Score : Avatar 0 GEN 06 0..

Avatar vs GEN 06..

Hey guys,

Later evening there will be UTP League match up between Avatar and GEN 06.. It's a clash of the JAN batches.. This will be Avatar's 2nd match for the group stages.. Nothing less then 3 points will be expected from the whole team.. So JAN 05 batch mates and friends please do come and support yea..

Venue : Field B, Sport Complex..
Time : 5.30pm..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Memories of Eddie Lourdes..

Hey you all,

I've been back in JB these pass few days.. This trip down wasn't a pleasant one to begin with.. I got news from my parent around 1 on Friday afternoon that my cousin, Eddie was involved in an accident and he was in ICU now.. His 2 friends who was with him in the car died on the spot in that accident.. Nothing else I could do but just pray for him and I got few of COP people as well to pray with me..

Then about 3 I get a phone call from my dad telling me that Eddie didn't make it.. My heart dropped.. I submitted my FYP and resume all and straight away went to the bus stop to a bus ticket back to JB.. All that I could think of in bus on the journey back is.. Why why?? what happen?? He's only 21 this year.. My head was just all over the place.. I reach about 5 and I straight away went to see his body, his parents, amuka, amaci and the others who were there dy..

The house was still quiet with the coffin in the middle of the house.. It was 5 am there and all were still awake and in disbelieve that this had happen.. By 6 all the relatives were there dy.. The Ipoh people were the last to arrive including me..

What happen?? Few newspapers has written an article about it..


Three Uniten students killed in collision

BATU PAHAT: Three students from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) in Muadzam Shah, Pahang, were killed when the Perodua Kancil they were in collided with a Mercedes Benz at Km9 Jalan Labis-Yong Peng yesterday.

The students were on their way to Skudai when they lost control of the car and it veered into the opposite lane and hit the Mercedes Benz.

S. Shalini, 20, and S. Sukjesh, 20, died on the spot. Eddie Lourdes, 20, who suffered serious injuries, was rushed to the Batu Pahat Hospital but died about 2.30pm.

Taken from the New Straits Times..

Sunday February 15, 2009

Valentine trip home turns fatal for students


JOHOR BARU: A university student who was heading home to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his grandmother was killed along with two of his best friends in a tragic road accident.

Eddie Lourdes Benjamin, 20, was driving home from his Uniten Muadzam campus in Pahang with varsity mates Sukjesh Surendran, 19, and Shaalini Suppaya, 20, when he was believed to have been involved in a head-on collision with another car while trying to overtake.

The incident occurred around 12.10pm on Feb 13, along the 9th kilometre of the Labis-Yong Peng trunk road.

Sukjesh and Shaalini were killed instantly, while Eddie died several hours later at the Batu Pahat hospital.

Eddie and Shaalini were both accounting students at Uniten while Sukjesh was studying finance.

Eddie’s father, supervisor R. Benjamin, 53, said his son had planned to come home to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his grandmother and mother as he was very close to them.

“He was bringing his friends home, and we were to go out for a meal on Valentine’s Day and spend time together. They were also going to celebrate my birthday, which was on Feb 8,” he said in tears.

Benjamin said he did not realise something was amiss when calls to his son went unanswered around 1pm.

He added that a relative called him afterwards to tell him his son had met with an accident.

Grandmother Mary Augustin, 66, said she was devastated, as Eddie had asked her to make his favourite nasi lemak for him.

Johor traffic police chief Supt T. Raveendran said police believed Eddie’s Kancil was attempting to overtake a vehicle when it crashed into an oncoming Mercedes Benz.

The driver of the Mercedes escaped with light injuries to her leg, he added.

Taken from the Star..

This is what was in the newspapers based on the police report which was based on the Merc dude's statement.. So how much is it true?? I got no idea.. Some people and other passer by says otherwise.. So..
I believe thats all for now on what happen to my beloved cousin Eddie Lourdes.. More on Eddie, our cousins and our memories soon..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

UTP's Lousy Internet Connection

Hey everyone,

Just to stress this again.. UTP has the worst Internet connection I've ever used before in my life.. My grandma can walk faster then this.. and she's 75years old.. I'm serious.. Any more better metaphors?? hehe.. It's getting worst by the day I think.. Haih.. Cant even load the Google page most of the time.. Why Why?? It's kinda irritating and frustrating you know..

On top all of these aggravations.. It's hard to belief that a technological university has a Internet connection comparison to a snail(not moving snail) and they still have the nerve to make us work to become well rounded students..

If even simple assignments are going to be a problem due to this grandma speed connection, what more would we know anything that has happen outside this university.. Newspapers?? hurm.. The only place I know has it is the library.. Plus our library is not the most inviting place to go and everyone is dreading to go to the library because of the new rules imposed..

Every information that we receive is pretty much outdated and we are always left behind(except for series and movies).. haha.. Tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised if we are the last to know that we're invaded by some aliens or something and knowing this uni is in the middle of no where.. So now I'm done complaining dy.. :D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Langkawi Trip - Day 2..

Hey u guys,

It's been long since I've updated about Langkawi.. and I think the Langkawi Trip is kinda old news dy but nvm, I still wana blog about it.. hehe.. Day 2 begins with us going to the cable car but due to strong winds, we couldn't go.. Sad sad.. As usual we were snapping pictures after pictures, since were there might as well right.. hehe.. All kinda poses..

On our way to the cable car..

While waiting for the cable car to open..
We visited the deers there.. hehe..

We gave up hope waiting dy and next.. See what happen!!..
Acong syok sendiri there joined by Azam and Bun..

What else?? Need I say more?? haha..

The girls trying out some hats just to snap a pic..
They didn't buy it.. haha..

Disappointed and beginning to wonder, what more can go wrong on this trip?? Taman Legenda under construction and then can’t go on the cable car.. Suddenly our organizer, Mr. Boss @ Hanif came up with an idea to go island hopping.. Yeah!! He managed to find and rent a boat to bring us around.. Cool.. haha..

On our way to island hopping.. Too excited dy.. haha..
But somehow Acong could sleep thru all of it..

All aboard!!..

haha.. popping out our heads..

Ms. Sea Sick.. "Kesian" :(..

So what did we do on this island hopping?? hehe.. 1st we stopped by some beaches.. Played around and of course more pictures.. hehe..

Ms. Sea Sick got realy sick and could walk dy..
But still they could miss the chance to pose.. haha..

Beras Basah Beach..

What did we do there?? haha..

Why?? Dont ask me, I got no idea..

Then we headed to see some eagles.. We arrived at some eagle feeding area but there wasn't a single eagle up in the sky.. There were all in the trees and I was wondering is that it?? Then the boat dude threw some chicken meat into the water.. And then??? The eagles started hovering over the food in the water.. The eagles then would swoop down and grab up the food.. That was the most majestic thing I ever saw man.. Dam cool..

Some awesome eagles..

Next we were off to our last destination which was a lake in one off the island there.. The place was called Tasik Dayang Bunting.. Most of us went for a dip in the lake while the others we paddling boats around the lake.. hehe.. The scenery was just so nice and very peaceful I might add.. Some change in the scenery from what I'm used too..

This looks like a pregant lady rite??

So what happen here?..

Here also play card.. haha..
I think almost every where we were playing cards..

Secondly we went boat paddling around the lake..

Next, having a dip in the lake..

and yes.. we cant forget this guys.. haha..

Ya and this guys even had time to throw me in the lake..
Why la Why la.. haha..

Bye bye lake..

After a tiring day of activities, we headed back to the apartment to freshen up for the night out.. But hurm.. We had our dinner and then our night out was spent at the Langkawi Hospital Car Park.. Why?? You guys no need to know the details la.. haha.. We weren't going to let this stop us from having fun still.. So we gather in a circle and played "mafia".. haha.. A game full of deceits and deceptions.. I guess all would agree with me that Djaa was the most silent killer and she survived all the rounds..

Then we went for supper and headed back for some good night rest..