Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Night Out..

I just got back from Singgah Selalu.. Tonight was a very weird/funny night I think.. haha.. It began with me sms ing Isaac to lepak at Old Town.. Before that I went to visit my cousins, Jessica & Jecinta.. Haven seen them for a long time.. So after that I went to pick up Isaac and Sharon just woke that time and got ready to follow us as well..

So the initial plan was to go to Old Town but this plan was trumped by Isaac's craving for Nasi Goreng Kambing (NGK).. hehe.. To be specific, Osman's NGK.. We drove there and Isaac & Sharon had their NGK.. haha.. Me? I had Nasi Lemak..

Then we were talking & talking and suddenly we wanted to eat something sweet next.. We ordered Ice Kacang @ ABC.. You know when you look at the picture of the food displayed, and you go like "Ya right".. But we took the risk and still ordered it anyway.. haha.. The ABC came and it look so nice, with paddle pop rainbow ice cream on top with whip cream all over.. I though to myself, "not bad ar".. Then I put the spoon in.. Stupid la.. The ice was so hard, better they just put a whole ice cube in, save them the time of grinding the ice all.. haha.. Sharon treated us for the supper.. hehe.. Thanks Sharon..

Then after that I didn't want to go back straight.. So took a left turn instead and headed to Danga Bay.. Just for fun.. haha.. After making one round around Danga Bay, we decided to go for another try for ABC.. I brought them to a shop I knew had nice ABC.. So we took a seat.. Waited for like 15 mins for our order to be taken.. While waiting..

Sharon : we should have gone Singah Selalu la..

Isaac : Sharon, John said the ABC here is nice.. So what's your problem now..


Me : Pak cik nak order..

Isaac : Nak ABC satu..

Pak cik : X de la adik, ABC da tutup..

And we look at each other, laughing away to the car.. Then we drove to Singah Selalu.. haha.. As we were entering, it seem like we were entering a club or something with the music and loud bass.. We had our deserts there.. Sharon had waffles, I had some ice honey bla bla bla and Isaac had his ABC.. All satisfied and continued talking everything and anything la..

Next incident, as Sharon were entering the car.. She saw a baby cockroach and "it's just 1".. she just pushed it out the car.. But then one by one started to come out.. All together 5 of it..Oh man.. The 3 of us was so geli like that.. Sharon : can I take a cab home?, Isaac I'll sit in front with you la, let get sheltox and spray the car..

Next stop, 7 - eleven.. But it was closed.. haih~ So we just drove back oni.. We reached home save and sound.. No cockroach went up our clothes or anything like that.. hehe.. Then after few minutes at home.. I went out again for a drive to clear my thoughts.. Ended up going to mcD drive thru.. Some how la today with all this, I forgot to bring the camera.. I don't know anyone can picture it with just my explanation.. haha..

That's all for now, it's 6 something and I got to get some sleep..


charlz said...

n how come this post so pictureless wan?? :P

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. that's cause i forgot to bring my camera.. hahaha..