Friday, January 23, 2009

Part 2..


Continuing from where I left off, so after the cable car ride down.. We took the bus back to KL.. We again split ways, Hannah & I went back to Subang and the rest to Anis's place.. We all decided to meet up at MURNI's for dinner and we did..

All to tired after the trip.. haha..

Syaima can be the "most grumpiest" (grumpiest not enough)..
So when it comes to food, don't mess with her.. haha..

What I ordered.. DRAGON PIZZA..
You guys have to try this.. I gave it a 4/5 rating.. haha..

Then I thought of driving back to UTP that night itself but I was too tired plus I haven sleep yet for more then a day dy.. It was too dangerous driving back sleepy.. So the guys spend the night at Hannah's guess house.. huhu.. Got guess house not guess room u know.. :D We had our breakfast there before we drove back to UTP..


In a while, LANGKAWI!!! wOOhOO!!!

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