Sunday, January 4, 2009

My New Year, 2009..

My new year this year wasn't that great to say, it was normal normal oni.. haha.. Let begin with 31st night, I reached KL about 6 something like that and was calling few friends to check out what were their plans for new year.. haha..

So finally met up with Kajen & Meera.. So it were the 3 of us.. I was like a lamp post but biasa dy with them.. haha.. So we decided to go to the Curve to watch the fireworks and have our dinner as well..


The Crowd..


Kajen & Meera..


Me & my fav dish there, Treasure Box..

This was my 2nd year in a row celebrating new year at the Curve.. haha.. We went to Paddington House of Pancakes.. After ordering we rushed to watch the fireworks.. We were a bit late and didn't manage to get a good spot to watch the fireworks.. Half of our view was blocked by a pillar.. haha.. I felt that last year's fireworks was more extravagant and it lasted a longer time, nicer some more I think..


See the wall here.. haih.. Kacau oni..

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The fireworks..

After the fireworks we finished our pancakes and we moved to our next place which was Mian Tian.. hehe.. I called Robert and Luke to join us.. Danny and my brothers also decided to join us as well.. We had supper and were chit chatting.. I know I JUST had my dinner but here I am eating again.. Haih.. By 2 something my cousins and brothers went back.. So left UTP people oni.. haha.. We chit chat till about 5 I think before we made a move.. That's was the new year morning.. haha..


My brothers, Hebron & Jonathan..


My cousins, Luke & Danny


Robert & Kajen..


Me & Luke..


Then I woke up at 12 to go for lunch with my GT Cell Group friends.. I had my lunch at Vivo's with Yew Jin, Jason, Jon Gan and also Alex.. It was 3 pm and all of us was hungry gile dy.. Then the food came.. We looked at each other and all I could see was disappointment on each faces.. haha.. Why? The portion of each serving was "so huge".. See.. hehe.. But the food was good.. So people with small appetites, you can go and eat & you wont feel hungry after eating.. hehe..


Jason, Me, Jon Gan..


Disappointed faces.. haha..


What I had for lunch, Lasagne..

Then at night I attended the ISAAC Network Conference.. Hurm, I'll blog about it tomorrow I guess.. hehe.. So that's all for now..


kajen said...

sumhw da fireworks pic didnt turn out dat bad..hehe

Hannah said...

the fireworks looks nice..too bad i'm n0t ar0und in Kl..iskk2..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

kajen : yup yup.. not bad.. haha.. keep snapping oni..

hannah : tu la.. g indon.. hehe..