Saturday, January 17, 2009

My brother's birthday..

Hey guys,

I just got back to UTP yesterday afternoon.. Yeah!! Finally back here again.. hehe.. Before coming back here my family and I celebrated my brothers birthday.. He turned 16 years old on the 15th of Jan.. We went to carabao's for dinner.. Carabao serve's Thai and Western cuisines..

We had a mix of both actually that day.. Jonathan and Abigail had western while the rest of us had Thai food.. We had Tomyam Seafood, Sotong Sambal, 3 Angle Beans, Egg, Pandan Chicken, Green Curry, hurm... I think thats all.. haha..

Pandan Chicken..
If you guys visit JB, you all must try this Pandan Chicken..
It just taste superb man..

Happy Birthday Jonathan.. Hope you can stop growing dy.. You're too big.. haha.. Anyways wishing you a blessed year ahead.. :)

The Birthday Boy..

My family.. huhu..

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