Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movie Day..


Today was an ok ok day like any other day I guess.. haha.. I woke up also about 2.. Had my lunch at 3.. My mom cooked Nasi Briyani and Chicken Kurma with dates today..

Me : Why did you cook Briyani today? ( not that I don't like it or anything but normally la my mom does it for special occasions only.. so was just wondering.. haha..)

Mom : Hurm, simply.. Had the ingredients for Briyani, so cook only la.. If not it's going to go bad..

I'm not complaining.. haha.. The food was great.. How much I'm gona miss all this home cooked food when I'm back in UTP.. So eat as much home food as I can for these few days.. I guess everyone is like that now.. Dreading UTP food.. haha..

After lunch I was doing nothing.. Literally just lying on the bed and sms-ing only.. Then I smsed Hazman asked him if he wanted to catch a movie.. He was already at the shopping mall going to watch a movie in a while.. I just got him in time.. haha.. So I joined him and his UNITEN friends..

We watched 4 Christmases.. Stared by Reese Witherspoon & Robert Duval.. The movie was a romantic comedy of these 2 people who didn't want to spent time with their families on Christmas and gave lame excuses to get out of it.. But then.. haha.. They had no choice but to go to all 4 houses for Christmas.. That's where the title came from I guess.. So the rest you should watch yourself.. haha.. I would give it a 6/10 rating.. (like my rating does matter only like that.. :D)

Dont ask me why there's a straw in the popcorn.. Hazman just does that every time.. haha.

Then the movie ended so fast and we wanted to watch football match at 11.. So what to do in the mean while? I suggested lets watch another movie.. haha.. So we didn't know which movie to watch next.. We tossed a coin to pick between They Wait (horror) and Australia since none of us knew which one to pick.. Head was for Australia and tails was for They Wait .. haha.. So it was..

Australia.. Personally for me the movie was nice.. A touching story.. Hurm, don't want to elaborate further la.. Don't want to spoil it for you guys who haven watch it.. haha.. The only thing I will say it stared Hugh Jackman & Nicole Kidman.. Who knew this 2 would be good together.. haha.. I gave this movie a 8/10 rating after watching it..

It ended at 12 plus.. haha.. We wanted to kill time till the game started but then ended up being late for it.. haha.. But it's okie.. The movie was so worth it.. We went to Singgah Selalu at first but then it was pack like crazy.. No room to sit anymore.. So I brought them to a mamak in Uda, Restaurant Osman..

I had Nasi Goreng Kambing which was not bad but couldn't beat Ameeth's back in Tronoh.. haha.. Oh ya, by the time we took our seats, the game was almost over.. Left like 5 mins more oni.. Ars won Bolton 1 - 0.. Tomorrows match is a must watch.. MAN UTD vs Chelsea.. Go Man U!!

Hazman, his 2 frens & Me.. My hair!!! the horror!! haha.. Crap..

My hair is not growing anymore dy.. :((


Ilidina.. said...

Go Chelsea!!!hehehe...

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. final score = man u 2 che 0..

Ilidina.. said...

huhu..aku sedey..chelsea kalah..peh..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

kan da kate.. man u!! hehe.. x pe xpe.. chel can fight for second place.. :D