Friday, January 30, 2009

Langkawi Trip - Night 1..

Hey guys,

Last week myself and 14 other friends went on a trip to Langkawi.. It was a 4 nights 3 days trip.. We left on Friday around 5pm like that and headed straight to Alor Setar.. The 1st night we put up at Anis's place.. The jetti was like a 15mins drive from her house.. Altogether we convoyed in 4 cars..


Me, Azam, Mai & Hanif..

Kema, Shera, Jimmy & Izza..

Anis, Syaima & Hannah..

Rashdan, Acong, Djaa & Bun..

We reached Anis's house about 10pm and parked 1 of the cars there.. Then we drove about an hour to Kuala Perlis for dinner.. All of us were super hungry, we kepted our tummies for Ikan Bakar and decided not to eat anything before that.. haha..

The guys..
Me, Jimmy, Azam, Kema, Rashdan, Hanif, Acong & Bun..

The girls..
Djaa, Shera, Anis, Izza, Syaima, Hannah & Mai..

Then after a very satisfying dinner we drove back straight.. hehe.. While driving we were playing games in the cars with our "walkie-talkies".. Each car had 1 walkie talkie.. Cool rite.. haha..

Our walkie - talkies.. hehe..

The guys were sleeping anywhere down stairs and the girls all squeezed in one room upstairs I think.. I slept on the sofa.. haha.. I'm so used to sleeping on the sofa dy, since at my home the sofa would be my bed.. haha..

So that's all for now.. Just a short update on Langkawi Trip.. I'll continue about Langkawi Trip - Day 1 soon.. Enjoy some teasers for the moment.. hehe..


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