Sunday, February 1, 2009

Langkawi Trip - Day 1..


I'm back again with some updates for the Langkawi Trip.. So day 1, what happen for the whole day?? hehe.. We reached the jetty around 10 but we managed to get tickets for the 1145 ferry only.. We had to wait for quite some time at the jetty.. Lets begin with us boarding the ferry to Langkawi at 12pm.. Now let the pictures do the talking.. hehe..

1st of is the ferry ride..

We arrived at Langkawi around 2 like that and let the fun begin.. hehe..

We rented a van & a car to go around Langkawi..
FYI, Izza is just posing (not our driver.. haha..)

Next, we visited Taman Legenda..

Hanif's planning our next place to visit.. since Taman Legenda is ???

Under construction.. haih.. Came all this way and it's closed..

Disappointed but never mind we still knew how to have fun.. haha..

After visiting Taman Legenda from the outside only.. haha..We headed to a Hot Spring place.. Please see the sign below.. What a crapy sign.. The place was even crapy then the sign.. So you can imagine.. haha..

Some one please keep him under control.. haha..


All of us dipped our feets in the hot spring..
But the place was kinda badly managed.. There was only one clean spot for us to put our legs in.. The rest had fungus all..

Next location : Black Sand Beach..

Have you guys seen kids running towards the toy store??
Somehow it was the same thing for Azam & Bun here when they saw the boat.. haha..

Djaa just has nothing so say about Bun.. haha..

ready for rugby.. haha..

I think the guys were more excited of the cameras then the girls here.. haha..

After that we headed to the Jetty to wacth the sun set..

Our enthusiastic cameramen, Acong.. haha..

Some how I think Hannah's smile is cuter then the cats.. hahaha..

This is what happens when they get bored.. haha..
They do the most craziest things and entertain us at the same time.. haha..

After that we had our dinner and off to Dataran Lang..

Then we went back got some sleep for Day 2 which I would say is the highlight of our trip.. So, that's all for Langkawi Day 1.. Day 2 will be updated after I've done my progress report I think (no progress yet.. how??).. haha..

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