Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Genting Trip..

Hey you all,

It's Monday, the first day of my last semester here in UTP.. HAPPY & SAD at the same time.. haha.. Going to miss a lot of stuff here in UTP but cant wait to graduate at well.. haih~ This sem's resolution is to have fun as much as I can.. So what better way to begin this sem then by having a trip to Genting with the Muggles..

We went up to Genting on the 15th.. I drove down to KL at about 2am and reached at 530am.. haha.. I couldn't sleep that night and I thought to my self, "why waste time till morning?".. Then I spend few hours at Robert's place before leaving for Genting..

Let me start with, myself meeting Hannah at Subang KTM station.. Hannah and I were the only 2 coming from Subang while the rest left from Anis's place.. We were kinda late dy from Subang and were rushing and to make things worst, the KTM was delayed for almost 30 mins.. So now we confirmed will miss the bus up to Genting which leaves at 1030 and we got on the KTM at 1010.. haha.. I called Anis and told her were going to be late and asked them to go ahead 1st and we'll take a later bus up.. They managed to delay until 11 but we reach the bus stop at about 11.05 and the bus just couldn't wait for us dy.. Then Hannah and I took the next bus which was at 12.. haha..

Ok.. Now time for some advertisements.. Presenting the Muggles..

Miss Hannah leh leh..

Miss Anis the Boss..

Who's the vainest among us all?? Mr. Charles..

Yours truly..

Miss Cutie2 Shambi.. Syaima..

Mr. Control Macho.. Azam..

Miss Pretty pretty.. Izza..

The Couple.. Kema & Shera

Reached Genting an hour later and to find out we couldnt take the cabel car up, so we had to use bus only.. Haih~ bad luck for us.. But nvm, the day had just began.. haha.. We meet with the rest and got our tickets for the theme park..

At 1st our hope was dashed by the mist in Genting, and knowing that most of the games would be closed because of this.. We still wanted to try our luck.. haha.. But for most of the time we were snapping pictures all the way.. Where ever we stopped, we would take few snaps even while walking also.. haha.. There were 3 camera's that day.. Mine being the most simple one there while the other 2 were dslr's (is that what it's called??).. haha..

I know you guys must be bored of me rambling by now and must be wondering where are the pictures.. haha.. So now I'll let the pictures do the talking.. :D

Hannah & my bus ride up..

The others ride up..

Ride 1.. Boat Thingy..

Ride 2.. Solero Shot..

Ride 3.. Rollar Coaster..

Ride 4.. Train Ride..

Ride 5.. Bumper Car..

Ride 6.. Another Train Ride..

4D Movie..

Gondola Ride..

Ride 7.. Cabel Car..

Group Pictures..

Random Shoots..



charlz said...

Wah din realize so many rides we had~ :P hahah tell me u uploaded ALL of our pictures! like alot oni :P LOL

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

no la.. a bit oni.. got 498 pictures from all 3 cameras.. haha.. i uploaded a lot also cause the connection was quite fast at 3 like that..