Thursday, January 8, 2009

A day in Singapore..

About 2 weeks ago, I went to Singapore to help out Isaac with his short film.. I drove in with Isaac and Jason.. Jason drove in his car as well.. So the day started at 7am, that's the time I woke up I think.. haha..

It was my first time going to Singapore after a almost 3 years.. We went through Malaysia's New Customs.. It had just open that day.. So we were one of the first few people passing there.. haha.. By few I mean like few thousands.. haha..

Next we picked up the crew and casts for the film at Woodlands.. Then we went for breakfast.. I got no idea where actually.. I just followed Jason only that day.. haha.. Literally everywhere we drove that day, I was just tailing Jason only.. So after breakfast, we were suppose to do the first scene at the St. John Headquarters but some problems arose and we couldn't do it there..


Teresa & Jason still got time to pose2.. haha..


Some waiting going on..


The crew discussing where to do the scene since the St. John was not sporting all of a sudden..


The prop for the film, a Pregnancy Suit.. haha..

They decided to move it to their poly which was Nanyang Polytechnic.. They did the first scene there.. THE HOSPITAL scene..


NYP Campus..


Setting up for the scene..


Teresa & Trishna practicing their lines..


Putting make up, actually just pouring water on her face.. haha..




Trishna in her scene.. haha..

Trishna played Casey and Teresa played Nadia in the film.. There were no other characters in the film.. Just the both of them.. WOO HOO!!.. haha..

After that we drove to the next location which was The Marina Bay.. Most of the other scenes took place here.. THE LUNCH, THE TUNNEL, THE BIRTHDAY, THE PHONE CALL, and THE BABY scene.. All of it was there but at different corners of The Marina Bay..


Me, Sam, Husayn (sleeping on the job.. haha..)


The Esplanade..

Lets take a look in the window and see what's going on..


First, the girls are getting ready..


Sam's briefing the actresses on what they need to do..


Sound check.. hehe..


Clement, Isaac & Rachel Pang..


THE LUNCH scene,


Hurm, what she's thinking about huh? hehe..

Then after THE BABY scene we finally had our dinner + lunch I think.. All of us was so hungry but couldn't eat yet until we finish the scene.. So ended up at KFC's for dinner.. We continued with the other scenes after dinner.. Who ever thought it was going to be a long night.. haha..



Sam & Isaac briefing her on the THE BABY scene..


We had some spectators on that day too.. haha..


Husayn the sound dude.. Sound dude sounds nicer then sound man.. haha..

Next after dinner, it was the THE BIRTHDAY scene..


All going 2 dinner & after that preparing for the next scene..


All taking a break a while.. hehe..


I got no idea, what they trying to do here.. haha

THE TUNNEL scene was the last for the night at The Marina Bay and that was like about 12 - 1 something dy.. There were still 1 more scene to shoot after this which was THE CAR scene..


Isaac walking Trishna through her lines..


The rest..


Trishna practicing her lines.. hehe..

Then we drove to the next location, Jalan Kayu to do the next scene, THE CAR scene.. It was 3 when we finally completed all the scenes and we went for some well deserved supper..


I only have one picture of THE CAR scene.. I was driving the car.. haha..


All chilling out after a tiring day..


Teresa with her mee goreng.. The mee goreng there are all red colour man.. Kinda scary..

So what was my job for the whole day?? haha.. I was the photographer / driver.. hahaha.. I had fun that day even though I reach home the next day 7am.. Literally one whole day out in Singapore.. It was very tiring but a very good experience for me.. My first time anyway seeing how these stuff is all done.. Thanks Isaac for inviting me to join you guys.. hehe..

So till my next post, there are still some more to blog about this filming.. Let you guys in first, the tapes for some of the scenes were spoilt and they had to re shoot it again.. Funny but kesian la man.. Had to redo again..

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