Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Burger King..

So Sharon FINALLY decided to get up and come Burger King with us.. The initial plan was to drive thru only but then.. We had some complications when ordering all.. All couldn't decide what to order and I think the BK guy was irritated with us.. haha.. Then after paying the BK dude..

Sharon : What time do you close?

BK guy : Sorry ar, not sure..

How la can you not know what time you're closing.. haha.. It was like 3 am some more that time.. So we decided to go in and eat after ordering from the drive thru.. What la.. Indecisive young people.. haha..


Drive thru.. Our receipt had an error with the rounding up/down adjustment.. I know the adjustment was for cents but when did Malaysia change it policy to rounding up to the closest ringgit.. Oh man..

DSC03488 DSC03493

We decided to become Kings and Queens for the night.. haha..


Me, Sharon & Isaac..



Sharon, Onion ring queen.. haha..


Apparently Isaac said that these 2 things here are the best things that happen to my life.. haha.. PETRONAS, ya of course la.. But BK? hurm, not that great at all.. Drive thru(s) yes la.. Thank God for drive thru(s)..

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