Monday, January 12, 2009

Another day in Singapore..

Hey people,

This post is part 2 of my previous post, A day in Singapore.. As I was telling then.. The filming was great until they went back and found that the tapes they used for the recording were spoilt.. So they had no choice but to re do the shooting for certain scenes..

But this time I went to Singapore a day earlier to stay at my cousin's place.. The next day (29 Dec) was Isaac's birthday.. He just turned 20 that day.. So I spent half a day in NYP.. 1st we had lunch at McD's and celebrated Isaac's birthday as well..

Isaac & his classmates..

His birthday cards..

His medal "the world's best friend" I think.. Isaac is in tears.. haha..

Then the fun part.. I crashed Isaac's class for 2 hours.. It was a tutorial class some more.. I cant believe I actually did that.. I don't even go for my own classes but then.. haha..

Isaac's lecturer.. He thinks I'm a senior in NYP.. haha.. That's what Sam & Isaac crapped to him..

Then after class the crew and cast gathered for dinner before we started the shooting.. The scenes that needed re shooting were THE PHONE CALL, THE TUNNEL & THE CAR scenes..

Wait.. They are planning something.. Isaac took this pic anyway, not knowing what they were about to do.. haha..

Surprise Isaac!! A mini birthday cake..

We're back at the Esplanade..

Isaac wanted to take an extra scene at an ice-cream shop just in case for anything.. haha.. So they ask the ice-cream dudes there if they could do the shooting there.. And they gave the green light.. Before that I bought an ice-cream from that shop too.. haha.. Some chocolate ice-cream with marshmallows and nuts..

THE ICE CREAM SHOP scene.. haha..

My Ice -cream.. Chocolate Marshmallow something..

Isaac lent me this cam for the night.. I was playing with this toy for the whole night.. An expensive toy that is.. I recorded 60 mins of what I don't know.. Bloopers and Behind the scene I guess.. haha..

Next THE PHONE CALL scene..

Trish & Rachel Pang..

Clement & Isaac..

Some poses by the cast.. Teresa & Trishna..

Sam feeding Trish with her lines and Rachel down on the ground with the mic.. haha..

After that we moved to the tunnel for the THE TUNNEL scene of course.. This time it took a shorter time to complete.. Teresa & Trishna knew their lines and the crew also knew where to position the cameras and all this time.. Everything went on smoothly and off to the last scene..

THE CAR scene at Jalan Kayu..

After that we send Trishna back cause she had a curfew.. Then we proceed to the usual mamak I guess.. We went to this mamak the second time and this also was after the filming last time.. We sat at the same table some more.. haha.. All of us had Nasi Briyani..

The Briyani was good but kinda salty a bit.. hehe..

It was 2 something when I reach to Isaac place.. I stayed over at his place for a night.. I went back the next day after buying a wireless mic for church.. That music shop apparently had some sort of sale.. So Appa John kirim me to buy.. Teresa gave me a treat at Ben & Jerry's.. haha..

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream..

Just FYI, I brought that electronic stuff thru customs without any inspection what so ever.. haha.. No one was at the M'sia customs for me to declare.. I guess if I were to bring an elephant (it's a bit too much but you all know what I mean la.. haha.. ) thru, they wouldn't have noticed..

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