Friday, January 30, 2009

Langkawi Trip - Night 1..

Hey guys,

Last week myself and 14 other friends went on a trip to Langkawi.. It was a 4 nights 3 days trip.. We left on Friday around 5pm like that and headed straight to Alor Setar.. The 1st night we put up at Anis's place.. The jetti was like a 15mins drive from her house.. Altogether we convoyed in 4 cars..


Me, Azam, Mai & Hanif..

Kema, Shera, Jimmy & Izza..

Anis, Syaima & Hannah..

Rashdan, Acong, Djaa & Bun..

We reached Anis's house about 10pm and parked 1 of the cars there.. Then we drove about an hour to Kuala Perlis for dinner.. All of us were super hungry, we kepted our tummies for Ikan Bakar and decided not to eat anything before that.. haha..

The guys..
Me, Jimmy, Azam, Kema, Rashdan, Hanif, Acong & Bun..

The girls..
Djaa, Shera, Anis, Izza, Syaima, Hannah & Mai..

Then after a very satisfying dinner we drove back straight.. hehe.. While driving we were playing games in the cars with our "walkie-talkies".. Each car had 1 walkie talkie.. Cool rite.. haha..

Our walkie - talkies.. hehe..

The guys were sleeping anywhere down stairs and the girls all squeezed in one room upstairs I think.. I slept on the sofa.. haha.. I'm so used to sleeping on the sofa dy, since at my home the sofa would be my bed.. haha..

So that's all for now.. Just a short update on Langkawi Trip.. I'll continue about Langkawi Trip - Day 1 soon.. Enjoy some teasers for the moment.. hehe..


Friday, January 23, 2009

Part 2..


Continuing from where I left off, so after the cable car ride down.. We took the bus back to KL.. We again split ways, Hannah & I went back to Subang and the rest to Anis's place.. We all decided to meet up at MURNI's for dinner and we did..

All to tired after the trip.. haha..

Syaima can be the "most grumpiest" (grumpiest not enough)..
So when it comes to food, don't mess with her.. haha..

What I ordered.. DRAGON PIZZA..
You guys have to try this.. I gave it a 4/5 rating.. haha..

Then I thought of driving back to UTP that night itself but I was too tired plus I haven sleep yet for more then a day dy.. It was too dangerous driving back sleepy.. So the guys spend the night at Hannah's guess house.. huhu.. Got guess house not guess room u know.. :D We had our breakfast there before we drove back to UTP..


In a while, LANGKAWI!!! wOOhOO!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Breakfast in Penang..


Few days after getting back to UTP I meet up with my mic gang.. haha.. We went to mamak like we always do.. All of them just got back intern and it was nice hanging out with the old gang again.. The bunch of us was kinda bored and had nothing to do in UTP and it was a Saturday some more.. Then we started making plans la.. Let go Genting, let go here la there la.. We were planning to go almost everywhere in Malaysia dy.. haha..

Suthan, Kajen, Damo & Me..

Some one came up with this brilliant idea of going to penang now!! We drive up to Penang and after breakfast we drive back to UTP.. So all agreed? Yeah!! ROAD TRIP.. haha.. We went back UTP a while I don't know for what and about 12 we left UTP..

We filled the tank and stop by 7eleven to get some snacks to munch in the car.. Then we were on our way.. We decided to use the old road up to Penang.. We were not in a hurry to reach Penang anyways, we could even see the small towns and all plus were could save money on the toll.. haha..

When in Ipoh we weren't sure how to get to the old road.. haha.. So we stoped by a petrol station to ask for directions but the pump attendant was not a Malaysian.. But then there was a police car parked at the station.. So I drove next to the police car and asked for directions..

Kajen : Abang, nk g Penang mcm mane ar? Nk guna jalan lame..

Police dude : Ok, you g terus je jalan ni.. Adik akan lalu berpuluh - puluh lampu merah (we were suppose to pass a lot of red lights.. Not traffic lights rite?? haha..)

After that we were on the right way to Penang dy.. So we wanted to see how true was the police dude's word of "berpuluh - puluh lampu merah".. Nothing better to do also, we counted the traffic lights we passed.. haha.. We even counted the no of police cars we came across.. Final count, 65 traffic lights & 15 police cars.. haha..

We were at the border of Perak & Penang..

Haha.. Sut was the only one who fell asleep..
7922, Some one's matrix no I think.. Who ar??

We even stopped twice to see some cement factory.. The machines were huge man.. The people working there were like miniature figurines in a doll house like that.. haha.. We took some pictures and we were on our way again..

1st Cement Factory..

2nd Cement factory..
There we even people possing for us.. The burger guys.. haha..

We reached Penang about 3am I think.. We tried to take pictures of the Penang Bridge but couldn't.. haha.. It was dark and we couldn't stop the car some more.. We stopped at the 1st hawker stall we came across.. The amazing part was that the hawker stall still had many people.. No one would think it was 3am with the amount of people there.. I thought it was like 10pm only maybe.. So I order some food, the name seem very long and fancy fancy like that plus I haven try it before.. But it taste horrible man.. Yucks!! It was so tasteless, the soup taste like salt and water only.. I could take a few bites only.. haha..

Yes.. The horrible meal I had..

It's a 1st for me..
I think you can only find "upside down" signboards in Penang..

Then we drove to Gurney Drive and hang out there till the sun came up and it was time for some breakfast.. hehe.. So what did we do to kill time for that few hours??

It was morning dy I guess, we saw people jogging there but there was no sun rise that day.. haha.. We then drove around to find a place to have our breakfast.. Then we stopped at this shop.. We though ok la just layan only what ever food, famous or not.. haha.. But we accidentally went to a famous shop.. haha.. Cause the amount of people came when were leaving plus look at the cars that stooped there.. haha.. The food was good..

Not bad Wan Tan Mee at all..
But I think Tronoh's market one is the best so far..

Then with our tummy all full, we drove back straight to UTP.. The end of our sudden Penang Trip.. hehe.. Planning normally doesn't work for us.. It has to be last minute and spontaneous.. haha..

We finally got to take some pictures of the Penang Bridge..