Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009/10 UEFA Champions League 2nd Round Draw..

Hey Football Freaks,

Inter Milan v Chelsea
Lyon v Real Madrid
AC Milan v Manchester United
Olympiakos v Bordeaux
FC Porto v Arsenal
CSKA Moscow v Sevilla
Stuttgart v Barcelona
Bayern Munich v Fiorentina

First legs : on 16-17 or 23-24 February

Second legs : on 9-10 or 16-17 March

Day Light Robberies..

Hey Friends,

I'm currently putting up at my Aunt's place in Bangsar for the time being before I move into a place of my own.. When I got back from work the other day, she storied me on a robbery which took place that afternoon at the neighbors place..

Apparently, two guys jumped the fence at the neighbor’s place and broke open the house gate and took the person's jewelry and other valuable stuffs which they could get their hands on.. If this not bad enough, they even stabbed the lady which was sleeping on the sofa and pulled her gold chain from her neck as well.. The robbers then jumped over the gate and took of in a van. What?? Crazy right?? Mine you that this happen at 4 pm in a residential area.. Wow!! Robbers are getting braver and crueler in their demoralizing acts to earn money or for the pleasure of it?? Why did they have to stab the lady?? They could have just taken what they wanted and left right?? Psycho robbers..

Wait, there's more.. In the morning, around 630 am when my uncle and I left for work.. He would drop me of at the LRT station and I would take it to work.. After we left the house, two guys in a van came over and rang the house bell.. They asked the maid to open the gate so they could spray some pesticides.. The maid didn’t know anything about this arrangement and it was so early in the morning.. Confused and all, she called my Aunt to handle the matter with those 2 guys.. My aunt told them that she didn’t call any such pesticide people or anything..

They still insisted and replied by saying my uncle asked them to come over and they used his full name and all.. Wow!! My aunt had their own people who would do the spraying for them.. Soon enough she realized that they weren’t them.. She said she didn’t want and they left in the van after a while.. My Aunt told me that they were so convincingly true, they wore the pesticide uniform and came with the spray canister and hose and all other equipments, you get what I mean..

Robbers are getting smarter or just smart people losing their way in life.. Retrench and can’t find a job they resort to conning people and robbing them instead.. So friends, be careful out there.. Sometimes you may want to help a person to change their flat tire at the side of the road.. This twice if it's a deserted place and if you're alone don’t even think about helping.. I know I may seem bad to say don’t help.. But just be wise and careful who you help.. People are taking advantage of our good will and sympathy we show for them..

Friday, December 18, 2009

First Week of Work..

Hey Friends,

My first week of work is just over.. Well I had only 2 working days actually.. I started my first day on Wednesday and the week ended on the next day, Thursday.. Wow!! So nice man.. Today is a public holiday and so is the following Friday (CHRISTMAS) and the Friday after that (NEW YEAR)..

So for this year I have four working days in a week.. Yeah!! How I which it was throughout the whole year next year.. I know so fast I’m excited about holidays already plus is was my first week only somemore.. Never mind I’m still getting paid.. So who cares right?? hehe..

I've just started and I don’t know much about what I'm suppose to do yet.. What's my direction in my line of work? Am I lost?? Maybe, for now but I know I'll find it soon enough.. My working colleagues are a funny bunch of people and they do make me feel at home from the get go.. What's my position and what do I do?? I'll rather not discuss it here I guess... hehe.. I don’t intent to mix my working stuff with my blog..

Samuel’s Wedding is tomorrow at Kajang.. Well he's the only other cousin on my mom's side, compared to the 22 which I have on my dad's side.. Samuel is few years older then I and I've not seen him for quite some time dy (maybe 3- 4 years).. Hope I'll be able to take some pictures tomorrow if the camera is repaired.. haha.. There are so many things which I want to blog about but not now.. I've kind of not in the mood to blog.. :(

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hey Friends,

Sorry, I’ve been missing from my blog lately.. Was in KL for a week, I had to send my confirmation letter to Petronas and had a family holiday at the same time and I was also hunting for a place to stay.. Safe to say that I found one and I feel good about it.. I wanted to blog about last week but didn't have the chance to snap any pictures (camera rosak!!!).. sad sad..

I’ll be starting my working life in a few days time and to be more specific this coming Wednesday (16th).. A weird day to start work right?? I would be working for 10 days before I head for a two week training period in PERMATA, Bangi..

Now I’m busy packing my belongings to bring along with me.. :D I’m some sort excited of what lay ahead of me.. Well, most people tell me to enjoy the freedom before it’s over.. I’ve been enjoying it for the pass five months and now I can say bravely that I’m ready for the next chapter of my life..

I’m going to miss a lot of things here in JB.. My family, church and friends.. Wont be seeing them that often anymore.. Here’s to some sort of a new beginning and a new chapter of my life.. :D

Friday, December 4, 2009


How much you grow and change

you're never done with it..


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Moon Review..

Hey Friends,


NEW MOON is a total romantic movie.. And not your everyday romantic movie, just that humans fall for vampires and warewolfs.. It’s weird how she falls for a vampire and a warewolf when both of them are doomed enemies.. And why does the director have to end the movie like “Will you marry me”?? He think were watching a series (sort of in a way) is it and the next episode is a week away.. Never mind, I’m reading ECLIPSE now..


When I went to watch the movie I was surprise at the crowd that turned out.. It was the premier and the cinema was half empty, maybe it was a late night show but still.. 2012 was even fully booked till 1 am.. So what was wrong with NEW MOON (I think people rather watch how the world was going to end then some pretty vampire love story).. I thought it was going to be packed and stuff but apparently not.. Maybe it happens only in JB?? haha..


And with all the teenagers going gaga over the guys in the movie.. When I was watching, I could hear so many weird weird sound coming from all the girls when Jacob took off his t-shirt and when the wolf pack guys were walking shirtless.. They were going like, WOOOO!! WOW!!.. haha.. It just amasses me sometimes..


Overall I ENJOYED the movie, I think it was better then TWILIGHT.. First of all it was based on the book way more and I like comparing the movie running in my head when I was reading the book with the movie itself.. Not to mention, the vampires and warewolfs.. Who wouldn't want to be one?? haha.. I give a 4/5.. I recommend that you guys read the book first before watching it.. You’ll appreciate the movie better.. :D

I think the movie plays a big role cause it shows what teenagers do when they are heart broken and hope people don't get so obsessed until.. read this blog (is very funny).. or even worst, agree to committing suicide over love and think is right.. Silly shit right, I guess everyone has been through it like a phase of life and when they look back.. They would just laugh at themselves..

Another trailer here..

Monday, November 30, 2009

2012 Review..

Hey Friends,


This time I’m going to keep it short.. A friend of my gave her version of the movie and it was actually an accurate review of it..

“We’re all screwed (all the Indians die),

Chinese rule the world and,

Africans live forever ”

Does this sound right after you watch this movie?? For me I thought the movie was just a bit too much right, how the family escaped the with the limo from the earth quake and in the plane from all the falling buildings..

2012-movie-wallpaper-09102 2012 Plane2012articleLarge

WOW, They could just escape everything right??

One word to describe it, OVER!!!.. It was like watching a Tamil movie where the Hero is virtually indestructible kind of thing.. But there was an up side to it, I liked the graphics of movie.. I thought it was cool enough.. I finally gave it a 3/5..

Watch the trailers HERE..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eagles in Love..

Hey Friends,

READING, I’ve been doing that quite a lot lately.. And I wanted to share this interesting bit with you guys..

But now ask the beast, and let them teach you; and the birds of the heavens, and let them tell you.. –Job 12:7-

God says, to learn from the beast and the birds. And one of God’s marvelous creatures we can learn from is the majestic eagle.. The magnificent appearance and awesome skills of the eagle are often used by God to symbolize important truths to His people..

These eagles can grow so large to have a wide span of fourteen to fifteen feet and an average weight of thirty pounds.. Because of its immense size, the eagle has been widely used as a symbol of power, freedom and greatness.. It also represents beauty, grace and confidence. The eagle is the King of the birds.. Here, it is seen to master its surroundings where it soars gracefully and flies above lofty mountains though scorching sun and turbulent storms..

The eagles speaks of someone who is the master of his environment and who is in control of his situation.. He is someone who has the ability and power to rule and live above his circumstances even in the midst of storms and trials..

It’s interesting to note how eagles fall in love.. The two birds begin their courtship way up in the heavens.. The female will pick a stick with her talons and fly over the hills and mountains looking for a prospective mate.. As soon as she spots a male eagle that she likes, she will drop that stick to where he is.. If this male eagle wants to respond to the female, he will then fly into the sky and stretches out his feet to seize the stick.. He will glide towards the female eagle and return the stick to her.. He then dives down and resumes his place..

The female will continue circling the air with that stick and drops it again.. The male will see the stick falling and if he is interested in her, he will once again reach out into the sky, catches that stick and sends it back to her.. This spectacular gesture is repeatedly demonstrated for each to know that they are responding to one another..

After which, they will both fly high into the sky and grapple with each other’s talons.. They will enfold each other and from thousands of miles up in the heavens, they will come tumbling down.. And just before they hit the ground, they let loose of one another and again soar upwards.. Cool right..

This is a picture of how eagles mate.. They mate in the sky.. And their lovemaking, their fulfillments, their flight and joy are abound in heaven and not on earth.. Eagles mate for life.. A change of mate takes place only at the death of one or the other.. They are faithful until death..

This courtship symbolizes our love relationship with Jesus Christ, the son of God, who lives in heaven.. Here, Jesus drops a stick (the Cross) and we who were down below saw the cross and took it.. We received and embraced his love.. He came down and He took us up to be with Him, to mate with Him, and to be in love with Him.. And as we respond to God’s love, we are able to come to Him and through Him.. .. ..

“I am the way, the truth, and life; no one comes to the Father but through Me..” –John 14:6-

The Eagle In You by Henry Ramaya..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hey Friends,

The time has come and my waiting has paid of.. FINALLY!!.. Thank God.. Yesterday I received a package and it turn out to be an offer letter.. Woohoo!!.. To those who don't know what I’m talking about, I got an offer letter from PETRONAS.. They offered me an Executive Business Planning position in PETRONAS CARIGALI..

So, I’ll be starting on the 16th of Dec which is like 2 weeks away.. That’s all for now.. :D

Friday, November 20, 2009

Patiently Waiting..

Hey Friends,

I wait and I wait and I still continue waiting..

It’s been 5 months and I’ve learn to be super patient and trust God in everything.. Still in the process anyways.. hehe.. For those who know me well enough, you know I’m an impatient person.. and NOW how things have changed.. :D How long have or can you wait for something??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Singapore Zoo..

Hey Friends,

The day after we visited the glass temple, we went to yet another historical site.. Not so historical la but rather a famous one.. Which was the Singapore Zoo.. The Singapore Zoo is just about a 10 minute drive away from the Causeway..

This wasn't my first time visiting this zoo, I had many many years back and I cant remember actually when.. haha.. But this visit had a few first time experiences which you guys will see soon.. First when we reach there it started to rain and we thought to ourselves that it was just going to rain a while and it did.. But then when we started walking a few steps, it poured out again and it was raining heavy from then on..

We decided, this rain is not going to stop us from having a good time at the zoo.. We went and got ourselves a RAIN COAT each.. Woohoo!! Have you known anyone excited to wear a rain coat.. haha.. The three of us (Sharon, Vina and I) were all in green rain coats walking all over the zoo.. The rain stop for a few minutes while our visit there and we were there from 11 am up to 4 pm.. A pretty long time walking around and looking at all the animals..


Now for some pictures.. :D


Look at the rain pouring behind these PARROTS..

IMGP5821 IMGP5822




There I told you, some first time experience for me..

Name : Sharon

Species : Human


I’m in Australia, ya right.. hehe..


Presenting, our RAIN COATS!!..

I got no idea what's Sharon doing here..

This POLAR BEAR lives by seeking attention..

Vain gile man this polar bear..





A black LEOPARD..


Yet another first, INDIAN STAR TORTOISE..

Sharon and Vina..

I kept calling them “kodomo” instead of KOMODO DRAGONS..




We went to three shows and all of them we fantastic.. We started with the POLAR BEAR Show, then the SPLASH Show and lastly the ELEPHANT Show.. My favorite was the Splash Show, because of the Sea Lion performing super neat tricks.. It was very funny to begin with and entertaining as well..


Let play a short game..

How many frogs can you find??


I was almost attacked by this animal..

but I forgot what you call it now..


A RAINDEAR.. I know, you can only see the ASS of

the animal and most of the animals were like this the whole day..



Sharon the tiger is looking at you!!..


Lovely isn't it? How animals imperfection are yet a beauty to behold.. Did you know, there are no specific species of white tigers.. They are a product of genetic defects (inbreeding) of the normal tigers..

By the end of the day, we were dead tired and our legs were painful from walking 5 hours and wet from the rain.. But the whole experience was worth everything.. It was very pleasant to watch the animal not in cages and roam around freely in their own enclosure..