Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Visit to Elijah Children's Home


Yesterday was one very tiring day for me.. hehe.. By the time I got back from Singapore was almost 7am.. I had spend the day before in Singapore with Isaac and his friends.. Doing what? I guess I'll blog about it another time.. :D

Got back & prepared some stuff for games.. By time I was done it was 10am.. Then I was on my way to the Elijah Children's Home with my church, New Life Global Outreach(NLGO).. What better why to celebrate this Christmas week other than visiting kids from this children's home..


Elijah Children's Home..

NLGO brought about 15 teens 10 kids & about 15 helpers.. The main purpose of this trip was to allow NLGO members to reach out to the kids there and also be able learn some thing from them as well..

So what did we do there? Well we reached there about noon and had an introduction session with both NLGO members and Elijah's Home kids.. Each member introducing themselves to everyone.. Then it was time for lunch and we had McD.. haha..

DSC02449DSC02452 DSC02453DSC02454

Introduction Session..



DSC02457 DSC02456

Baby Green..

Now after lunch.. Baby green took over the next session.. Baby green is some kinda entertainer aka a clown.. haha.. He did some games, got everyone to join along for some songs and he even did some magic tricks..


DSC02466DSC02468 DSC02475DSC02476

DSC02473 DSC02477

Baby Green's magic show..

The kids was divided into 2 group which was Primary and Secondary school kids.. The next session was given to me & I did some games with the secondary school kids.. It was fun and funny.. First I had trouble communicating, I could understand Tamil and what they said but I couldn't speak any.. haha.. Thank God had the church member to help me translate..


The Primary School kids.. They were having fun with their origami session..


The Secondary School kids..


Me explaining the games.. :D


Games Time..

Lastly we ended the visit by giving goody bags to the kids.. I had a lot of fun with the kids there.. I hope to do this kinda stuff in the future.. :D That all for now.. Need to prepare stuff for tomorrow Christmas Celebration.. Yeah!!! Not forgetting, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!! Last thing, don't forget to come my house if you can.. hehe..


The Goody Bags..


My church pastor, Ps. John Ezekiel..

DSC02496DSC02500 DSC02509

Even the children's home have a tree, with gift and all.. hehe..

Merry Christmas Everyone!!..


Achan Sinclair said...

Charity work..chun!!

Merry Christmas bro!!

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

thanks man.. enjoy your Christmas hol too.. hehe..

AlexAlabasta said...

Waaa... very gud la u oll~ Spreading da christmas spirit~

Merry Christmas and hepi nu yer~!