Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trip down Orchard Road..


Another post in a matter of minutes.. hehe.. Continuing where I left off, the plan to Singapore was all of a sudden only.. Isaac's birthday was on Monday and planned to join him for his birthday celebration or something.. His Birthday, next post la.. haha.. Then my cousin, Edward also was back from National Service (NS) for the weekend and I could visit him.. Haven seen him in a long time..

Since I've got nothing to do in JB.. Why not visit Singapore?? haha.. Eddie and Amuka came to pick me from church and off to Singapore.. But then some how this Eddie wanted to join us also when we were approaching the Malaysia Immigration dy.. Haih~ So we drove back all the way, got his passport and stuffs.. Then the 3 of us headed down to Singapore..

So what did I do in Singapore?? First of course la went to visit Edward.. hehe.. Then my cousins and I went to Orchard Rd but without Edward.. He had to report back to camp.. Now let the pictures tell the story.. haha..


Eddie, Me, Amuka & Edward..

Then Orchard Rd..


Decorations everywhere.. Decorations & decorations.. hehe.. The street was packed.. Everyone just had to be there when we were there.. haha..


Time for some snacks.. :D


We were hungry on the way & drop by OLD CHANG KEE to get some snacks.. hehe.. Wa.. I tell you the Curry Pap here are very, very nice.. One of the best curry pap that I've tasted.. People who don't fancy curry pap, please try this and you'll change your mind.. hehe.. Then we notice this, actually the whole street gathered to watch these kids bend their body like rubber..


Coke anyone? The whole pyramid was made of coke bottles..


More pictures of us..

DSC02877DSC02880 DSC02881

Me & Amuka..


Yup, that's me, in the middle of Orchard Road literary..


Then we had our dinner and back to my aunt's place.. Next my second day there was about my visit to Nanyang Polytechnic and more.. hehe.. Blog about that in my next post.. Stay tuned.. Will be leaving for KL in a while.. :D Happy 2009 everyone..

HaPpY NeW YeAr!!

2009 here I come..


WanSin said...

since when u got long sleeve shirt oh?

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

that day shopping buy lor.. hehe.. y la..

WanSin said...

ask ma.. haha.. suits u what.. mr.fluffy softball.. xD

charlz said...

wow John.. ur hair.. or whatever that's left of it.. go yun nam hair care!! >.<

xox `Lyng` xox said...

hahahahah! charlz the man! yun nam pulak.

Huhu i dint go sg! dammit regret so much.