Friday, December 19, 2008

Chapter 6 - Kluang Railway Station "Roti Bakar"


To continue where I left off, Isaac and I had a bus to catch at 830 but we were still in Sutera Mall at 8.. haha.. We RUSHED back & packed our remaining stuff and off to the bus station.. It took about 1 hour 30 mins to reach Kluang.. Some how right, we had the whole day to do things but we did it all last minute.. why why..

So what did we do at Kluang? Once we reached we went to Old Town.. haha.. Meet up some of Mich's friends.. We put up at Michele's place for the night..

Kluang (2008) 004

We had lunch at Mich's place.. Yummy :D

Kluang (2008) 021

Hurm.. The host - Michelle Lisa John..

Kluang (2008) 025

Kuching Visitor - Isaac.. hehe..

Kluang (2008) 029

Food Swallower - Sean John (Mich bro)..

Kluang (2008) 033

Camwhore - Grace (Mich sis)..

Kluang (2008) 022

Me.. haha..

Kluang (2008) 020

Agenda: What time are we eating Roti Bakar?

Kluang (2008) 038

The original Kluang Railway Station Roti Bakar.. This is where it came from..

Kluang (2008) 046

Kluang (2008) 054

Yeah! This is it.. The best "Roti Bakar" I've ever tasted..

Kluang (2008) 056

Vinod joined us but somehow, I don't have his pic wif us there..

Kluang (2008) 061 Kluang (2008) 066

This story is funny.. That morning about 3am, I was hungry and all of us went for McD.. When we reached home.. You guys definitely have heard the phrase "my dog ate my homework" as an excuse right? Well mine is "Mich's neighbor's dog ate my shoe".. Haih~ So then the next day we went slipper hunting.. haha.. Then at night we left for KL.. Again we RUSHED to the bus station.. haha..

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