Friday, December 26, 2008

Family Christmas


Merry Christmas!!!.. Christmas is just over.. I'm still in the cheerful Christmas mood right now.. haha.. So what is Christmas actually about? A time of getting together and celebrating with your loved ones? Presents? Christmas "Ang Pau"? Food? Drinks?..

For the benefit of those who do not know.. The main reason we celebrate Christmas is about remembering and celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and also giving thanks for all that He has done in our lives and also all the above, presents and what not.. hehe.. So what better way to share this joyful occasion other than celebrating it with our families and friends..

The clock struck 12 as a signal that CHRISTMAS is here.. The Selvaraju family gathered at my house for toast and afterwords food.. hehe.. This has been the Selvaraju tradition for don't know how long dy.. But this year the gathering was kinda small.. 2 of my uncles and 3 of my aunties and their families couldn't join us this year in JB.. FYI, my dad has 2 brothers & 5 sisters.. haha.. Some of them gathered at Ipoh for Christmas..

Even though many of the Selvaraju gang wasn't around, we still had fun.. I know those at Ipoh too were having fun and so were the others.. Okie, for those wondering who is Selvaraju.. Well he's my grandfather but he's not here with us anymore.. :( Now for some pictures!! hehe..


Half of the Selvaraju Family.. haha..


Amuka (My Cousin) & Me


Food!! Everyone prepared some kinda dish, my grandma, aunt and my mom too.. hehe..


All seem to be enjoying the food.. :)


Rest of the pictures.. haha..


kajen said...

ur brothers taller than u d wei..haha
btw, Merry Christmas dude.hav a gud one!

charlz said...

wow john, ur hair tumbuh abit edi.. XD

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

kajen : yup2, both of them taller then me & bigger also.. they can just carry me and throw me oni.. haha..

charles : yup, growing like normal but still got very thin at some areas.. haha..

I'm gona cut again.. haha..

WanSin said...

u look like a ball when u are bald. :D fluffy softball..

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haih~ next sem need to play football dy leh.. haha..