Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Celebration


After the Selvaraju family gathering, the next day my family had an open house like that.. We called our friends over for some fellowship over some food..

So this year, my mom did most of the cooking.. I only helped to do the potato salad.. I didn't have mood to cook I guess.. haha.. I hope one day I can open a restaurant but if I'm opening my restaurant based on my mood rite.. Die la, 2 months open dy close down.. What to do I wana cook also got mood wan..

My mom cooked the Briyani Rice, Kurma Chicken, Dry Curry Chicken, Mutton, Vege and most important the Roast Turkey..


The food..


The Potato Salad I made..


The marinated Turkey..


Mom carving the turkey after it's done..


Yummy turkey..

Next people who came for the celebration.. My Dad's friends..

DSC02598DSC02602 DSC02607DSC02683DSC02686DSC02628

My Mom's friends who were my former PRIMARY school teachers.. Emphasis on the primary, it's been almost 10 years plus dy.. hehe.. My Maths teacher Mr.Tan(in yellow), my Moral teacher Mr. Alias (in stripes) and my English teacher.. Guess who, guess who?? hahaha.. My Mom!! They are still teaching at the same school.. What loyal teachers I had.. :)


My friends came too..


This is Ammar (the one with the long hair).. My secondary school (EC) friend, tuition mate.. haha.. He came the earliest, spend almost 4 hours at my house.. haha.. We were catching up on stuff.. Reminiscing on the past.. How we come in an hour late for tuition all.. haha.. Just imagine I haven meet him for almost 4 years dy.. haha.. Ammar just grad from Monash.. So fast rite?


Anne's Sis & Anne..


Anne.. I know her since I've entered UTP.. Same course same class for 4 years dy.. hehe.. Then next to arrive was Arul and Farhan.. Ya,the same story for Arul as well.. I haven meet him since I left school last time.. Now he's studying in Curtin.. Farhan is in UTP wif me.. So I see him sometimes everyday.. We stay in the same block.. haha..


The last to arrive were Ibrahim & Hazman.. These two I meet kinda often when we're on Sem break all.. Ibrahim is studying in UITM Shah Alam & Hazman is in Uniten Muazam Shah.. hehe..

DSC02636DSC02640 DSC02641DSC02644 DSC02646DSC02647

My EC mates.. Then after the gathering, we all went to Jusco Bukit Indah, a newly opened shopping mall.. How many Jusco you wan in JB la? It apparently the biggest Jusco in Malaysia.. Only the Jusco is huge but the mall kinda normal oni.. The good thing about it is the mall is that have a Big Apple there.. Yeah!! No need to go so far to get some..

The mall was packed that day.. Parking was not enough until people had to park almost few hundred meters away and walk to the mall.. In the beginning I tot there was some guest appearance by some one or some band.. Haih~ When I got in.. See what I found..


Sesame Street!! haha.. It was funny cause few days ago I went to Singapore & meet a friend who owned a big Elmo bag.. I put the picture, you guys tell me is it big or not?? haha.. Ya about the filming, Sorry to hear you guys had to re do the shooting.. :( Blog about this another time..


We wanted to take a picture with them but you see, the queue was too long.. hahahaha.. I think we were not allowed too.. Kinda old for these stuff.. We walked around, literally passing every shop and went for mamak.. haha..


Okie.. That's all for now.. Tonight I'll be going for a Church Christmas Celebration / New Year Party.. I can finally wear my Christmas present, a shirt and tie..


WanSin said...

i want the elmo bag too!!!

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. can can.. I going tomorrow I ask the owner where to get it.. haha..

charlz said...

wow, i think this is officially the longest post ever written by u! hahaha.. n the food looks so sooo delicious!!! wish I was there >.< and Anne's sis look totally dif from her! haha.. hurmm.. speaking of which, u'll hv to share with me if "things" are settled with certain ppl :P hehe

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. "things" are settled la.. no worries..

Hannah said...

Nice xmas celebration ..heheh..charlzz, i wish i was there too~!!..XD~

marjeena said...

kenapa charlz? kakak i canthek ke? hehe!
john, i pun pergi sesame street la that day after balik dr umah you.. why didnt see u maa.. u shud drop by at Starbucks, my lil sister works there n she'll gv u 30% discount

p/s: send me my photos @ ur christmas celeb =D

charlz said...

Marjeena~ hahaha ur sis? hurmm... okla.. but i think for conversation sake, i will declare u more chanthek (so that u wont kick me in the ass later in UTP) wakakaka!!! XD

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

charles : for conversation sake? haha..