Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chapter 7 - The Day Before the Conference..


We reached KL about 12 something like that and Alex came to pick us.. All of us was so hungry, haven dinner yet some more.. So what better place to go then Bukit Bintang "Famous Beef Noodle".. So for those going Bukit Bintang area and don't know what to eat, then go for this Beef Noodle.. You must at least try it for those who haven try it yet.. haha..

KL B4 conference (2008) 001 KL B4 conference (2008) 003

The Famous Beef Noodle..

The next day we went SHOPPING!!!.. First we headed to Sunway Pyramid and had our lunch at Dragon-i.. There Hann & James joined us..

KL B4 conference (2008) 013

James, Mich & Hann

KL B4 conference (2008) 014

Kesian nye.. hehe..

KL B4 conference (2008) 015 KL B4 conference (2008) 016

My favorite dish there.. Hurm,

I forgot the name of it but I know it's no.37.. haha..

KL B4 conference (2008) 017

Me & Isaac..

KL B4 conference (2008) 025KL B4 conference (2008) 029

Then after lunch we went around Pyramid but some how no mood for shopping yet.. haha.. I know shopping also got mood right??Then we pick Melissa and continued our shopping at One U.. We even caught a movie, Bolt 3D.. It was one of the best 3D movie I've watched..

KL B4 conference (2008) 046

Isaac sempat get a hair cut some more.. haha..

KL B4 conference (2008) 030

KL B4 conference (2008) 050KL B4 conference (2008) 052KL B4 conference (2008) 005KL B4 conference (2008) 012KL B4 conference (2008) 040 KL B4 conference (2008) 007

Dinner at Chilies.. Yeah!

KL B4 conference (2008) 062

at the end of the day.. :D

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