Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chapter 5 - Soho's Foot Therapy


After my new hair cut.. I went to Sutera Mall, some new shopping mall which just opened near my housing area.. I haven been back to JB for some time now and I discovered so many new things like I'm a tourist like that.. haha.. 1st the roads have changed, the constructions are completed, 2nd it was my first time to Danga Bay (after the development which was like 1 year ago) as well.. haha..

So back to Sutera Mall, Isaac and I went to just have a look around or that was the initial plan.. haha.. Then walking around we came across a foot therapy shop.. I wanted to try it out and pulled Isaac along with me..

it's me.. :D

and Isaac..

Step 1 - They put my feet in hot water
to kill the germs..

Step 2 - They applied some kind
of lotion and wrap my feet..

Step 3 - Wait for few minutes..

Step 4 - They start scraping the dead skin cells off..
This is the longest part..
It took about 1 hour 30 mins to complete..

in the mean time..
Isaac and was watching The Hulk.. :D

due to insufficient time.. I had both my feet
done simultaneously by 2 "foot scrapers"..
Insufficient time why?
You'll find out in my next post.. hehe..

The outcome.. clean feet.. :P
but it was kinda expensive though..
Rm50 just to remove all the dead skins..

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