Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chapter 3 - Back in JB..


I shall continue where I left off.. Was Isaac and I able to convince Mel to come along? Haih~ We failed miserably.. :( We reach JB about 1 am and went back straight to my place for some well needed rest.. So it was just the both of us in JB..

The next day we went to City Square known as CS by JB people.. hehe.. We managed to catch a movie which was Quarantine starred by Jennifer Carpenter.. The movie was ok ok la.. I would give 3 stars out of 5 cause I somehow liked the way the movie was shot.. Something like Cloverfield where the whole movie was filmed by a Handy Cam.. Kinda cool though, I was able to see the situation from the actors eyes..

The movie looks scary but its actually not.. :P

After that we ate some Snow Ice.. So far la I've only seen this in JB, maybe there is Snow Ice somewhere else but I haven found it yet.. What else we did that day? Oh ya.. That day was all about trying famous food in JB..

Snow Ice..

Isaac & his Snow Ice.. haha..

We went to Restaurant Mane Lagi which was famous for their Nasi Lemak.. Some newspaper quoted it as "Nasi Lemak Heaven".. Yah, Banting was known for the Keropok Heaven and now Nasi Lemak Heaven.. haha.. Why does food got to be related to heaven? Hurmm.. I wonder.. So, anyone visiting JB should try this Nasi Lemak or just give me a call, I'll bring you.. hehe.. :)

Restaurant Mana Lagi!!

That's it!!.. The famous Nasi Lemak..

Nasi Lemak Heaven..
It still taste the same after 3 years..

So after that I brought Isaac to Danga Bay.. I was my first time there too after the development.. Danga Bay was huge man since the last time I visited it about more then a year.. What we did there? The pictures would be self explanatory.. hehe.. Till my next post.. tata.. Happy Holidays you guys..

Danga Bay..

Played some games.. :)

Isaac and his ducky.. :P

See what we won with RM10.. haha..

Woo.. ABC..

An antiques "MarryGoRound"..

When was the last you guys saw this?


WanSin said...

MARCH!!!!!! xD~

joe said...

doesn't quarantined make u feel dizzy? lol. oh yea. does mana lagi still sell nasi lemak everyday or wad?

john said...

dizzy? no la.. cool wat like that.. mana lagi, ya it still sells nasi lemak everyday.. :)

joe said...

haha. sometimes i go it closed wor. hmmm. oh well. lol. the time i watch i think half the cinema was dizzy