Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trip down Orchard Road..


Another post in a matter of minutes.. hehe.. Continuing where I left off, the plan to Singapore was all of a sudden only.. Isaac's birthday was on Monday and planned to join him for his birthday celebration or something.. His Birthday, next post la.. haha.. Then my cousin, Edward also was back from National Service (NS) for the weekend and I could visit him.. Haven seen him in a long time..

Since I've got nothing to do in JB.. Why not visit Singapore?? haha.. Eddie and Amuka came to pick me from church and off to Singapore.. But then some how this Eddie wanted to join us also when we were approaching the Malaysia Immigration dy.. Haih~ So we drove back all the way, got his passport and stuffs.. Then the 3 of us headed down to Singapore..

So what did I do in Singapore?? First of course la went to visit Edward.. hehe.. Then my cousins and I went to Orchard Rd but without Edward.. He had to report back to camp.. Now let the pictures tell the story.. haha..


Eddie, Me, Amuka & Edward..

Then Orchard Rd..


Decorations everywhere.. Decorations & decorations.. hehe.. The street was packed.. Everyone just had to be there when we were there.. haha..


Time for some snacks.. :D


We were hungry on the way & drop by OLD CHANG KEE to get some snacks.. hehe.. Wa.. I tell you the Curry Pap here are very, very nice.. One of the best curry pap that I've tasted.. People who don't fancy curry pap, please try this and you'll change your mind.. hehe.. Then we notice this, actually the whole street gathered to watch these kids bend their body like rubber..


Coke anyone? The whole pyramid was made of coke bottles..


More pictures of us..

DSC02877DSC02880 DSC02881

Me & Amuka..


Yup, that's me, in the middle of Orchard Road literary..


Then we had our dinner and back to my aunt's place.. Next my second day there was about my visit to Nanyang Polytechnic and more.. hehe.. Blog about that in my next post.. Stay tuned.. Will be leaving for KL in a while.. :D Happy 2009 everyone..

HaPpY NeW YeAr!!

2009 here I come..

NLGO Christmas & New Year Celebration..

Hey guys,

Updating you guys on what I've been up too this past few days.. On 27th my church had organized a Annual Dinner at Pulai Spring Golf Resort.. We invited our friends to join us in this celebration.. There was roughly about 200 people there including the kids also la.. hehe..


The hall was packed.. Filled up to its full capacity.. hehe.. So what happen that night? Well first we ushered our guest to the hall.. Then our pastor welcomed the guests and had some ice-breaker games.. Followed by the buffet dinner and some performances..


Ice- Breaking Time..


as I said.. The hall was packed.. hehe..

The food was good individually.. Yes, you heard right, individually.. Each dish by itself tasted very nice BUT when combined right.. Oh man.. How la?? You guys imagine yourself & see.. haha.. Ok let me tell you what was served that night.. There was white rice, fried mee, roasted chicken in some kind of BBQ sauce like that, beef in satay sauce, fish fillet with some mayo sauce, "sambal sotong", and lode (I think that how you spell it).. Lode is a vege gravy which you pour when eating ketupat.. That's the best I can describe it I guess.. haha..


Isaac & I "makan-ing".. hehe..

There was also desserts and fruits.. Coffee & Tea.. Spaghetti, Hungarian Soup which was my favorite that night.. hehe.. Rojak was also served that night.. While people were having dinner, there were few performances lined up.. Amma Hepsi & Shella sang few songs, the youth had danced in a video clip some sort like a music video.. They played the video that night.. FYI, I address my pastor and his wife as Appa John & Amma Hepsi.. hehe.. The night was mainly about mixing and mingling around with each other.. :)


Shella & Amma Hepsi..


My vain bro.. Non stop taking picture of himself.. hehe..


Me & Ramesh (left) & Isaac (right)


Jason, Isaac, Me, Rajiv..


Mom, my cousin, grandma, Hebron..


Me, My cousin & grandma..


My bro, Jonathan and my sis, Abigail wasn't able to join us that day.. Jonathan was down with fever and just found out today that it was Denggi.. He's recovering well now.. My sis was playing futsal at Kuantan for Melaka, in the some National Level Futsal Tournament.. Then the bright idea came.. Lets go to SINGAPORE.. Celebrate Isaac's birthday and also can meet my relatives there.. This story is next.. hehe.. So for now that's all..