Thursday, November 20, 2008

Praise God..


I'm just about done wif almost all of my finals except one more which is on Tuesday.. I had 5 papers in 7 days.. My very first time experiencing back2back papers, I've not even had 2 papers consequently before this also.. Suddenly kena 3 straight.. For some of you I guess it's a norm right.. Now I can gladly say I have experience 3 final papers back2back, 3 tests in one day, 4 projects in a week.. huhu..

I just wanna praise God for everything he has done for me.. God is truly awesome that even with my migraine problem everyday, he pulled me through my papers.. Thanks to my Muggles mates for their help and support in preparing for finals and all.. COP friends for your prayers.. My roommie for listening to me complain.. haha.. Sorry if I missed out anyone..

It's 3 am and I'm not sleepy yet.. I guess it's become a habit this whole week.. Studying until 2am then sleep a while until 4am and continue studying till paper starts.. All the best for those still having finals.. For those who are worn out, read this..

God will renew your strength and give you the power to endure..
Put your hope and expectation in him..
Isaiah 40:28


AlexAlabasta said...

Best giler. How does it feel to be out of 3 papers in one day? At 9am uwere carrying a mountain on ur shoulder and suddenly ure s light s a feather~

nway, gudluck last paper, me still got 2...aiyah~

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. yup2.. ni sem before intern kot.. 3 test in 1 day.. crazy man..

Fransisca said...

what a hectic day you had. praise God, you made it. well done. is this your final year??

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

yup.. my final year.. anyways just wana ask.. how you got to know about my blog yea.. hehe..

charlz said...

the paper on the 3rd day felt like shaite.. hopefully our good CW for that paper counts >.<

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

i hope so charles.. had to write so much but not enough time and my hand were dam tired of writing 2 books.. 2nd book 3 pages.. hahaha..