Sunday, November 16, 2008

What triggers migraines..

Hello people,

I've been having migraine on and off for almost a whole year now.. I first started facing this problem during my internship period.. But lately, I’ve been experiencing migraine frequently and more painful sometimes.. I don't know why can get migraines all, I’m still young kot.. Many people say I just don't have enough sleep... Maybe it's true.. So I googled it up and here is what I've found out..

For the benefit of those who don't know what migraine is? Migraine is a neurological syndrome. A severe, disabling headache, usually affecting only one side of the head, and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and a heightened sensitivity to bright lights (photophobia) and noise(hyperacusis) .. I got this from Wikipedia only.. haha.. About 80 percent of people who have migraine headaches have a family history of migraines.. Did you know this??

What can I do about this migraine of mine then? I have eaten panadol and if the pain is still unbearable I’ve taken ponstant.. Somehow prevention is better then cures right. I kinda know some things that cause my migraine and I have been avoiding it.. I try my best too of course.. :D What triggers migraines? I read an article about it..

  1. Certain foods such as chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, coffee, tea (I’ve stop eating chocs and drink coffee only when wana stay up late so which has been lately only..)
  2. Alcohol (Don’t drink..)
  3. Too much or too little sleep (Too much? How I hope man.. Too little maybe, I sleep 4 hours a day only..)
  4. Changes in hormone balance in women - such as periods, the pill, menopause and hormone replacement therapy (I’m not a woman.. haha.. )
  5. Emotional stress, or relaxation after a period of stress (Not applicable to me I think..)
  6. Irregular meals (So me.. Eat whenever hungry only)
  7. Smoking (I hate smoking, I just cant stand the smell of the smoke..)
  8. Bright or flashing lights (Yes, this I know one of the reasons that cause my migraine..)
  9. Loud noise (Nope..)
  10. Weather - high pressure conditions, changes in pressure, hot dry winds, change of season and exposure to sun and glare (I don’t think so.. Have been living in UTP for 4 years dy..)
  11. Intense smells such as paint, fumes from cars or perfume (Didn’t know this can cause migraine..)
Unfortunately, avoiding triggers is not always possible right, and even then this may not prevent an attack.. Most migraines have no obvious identifiable cause.. Before I go back to studying for HRM finals tomorrow & CE on Wednesday, wana wish Happy Birthday to Tirza.. Your're 19 today.. hehe..


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Dean said...

I think it helps if you keep urself hydrated all the time. I used to get head splitting migraines if i don't drink enough;)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

dean, thanks for the info.. i think i enough water kot.. hehe.. maybe also.. i'm not sure also y..

Geri said...

Good post on migraines. Here are a few more things you might find of interested related to migraines and

charlz said...

Wrong! When you have to ask Malini and I for water, you only get to drink a few gulps - and that won't be enough wan la. Sufficient water for the body means constant supply of water also. I think maybe you drink irregularly - like there are times when u dont drink water for a few hours (mebi u din boil n din buy water n dun get to ask from friends) until the time when ur supplies are replenished.

So John, for your sake, this holiday, sleep REGULARLY, drink water consistently, avoid driving at night (to avoid flashes of light), and set specific time to eat like when breafast is really breakfast n lunch is really lunch. Sometimes you'll that you're lunching at 7pm - which I feel is wrong. That's dinner already. It simply means u skipped your lunch! :)

At least now you know what are the possible causes for this and can take measures to cover them. Remember, only you can care for your own body, so get well please because as carefree as I am about my friends, I'm getting uneasy about the fact that your migraine frequency's so often! huhu

OK - I shd get back to studying ADS :P hehe

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

geri: thanks yea.. :)

charles: very true but i have been living like this quite some time.. nothing then.. maybe now oni showing effects kot.. will do all i need 2 do.. :)

charles 1 more thing.. adbs on tue!! haha.. i also no progress dy.. haih~