Monday, November 24, 2008

How much is your blog worth?


Some random post only today.. I have 1 more paper to go, Advanced Database Systems which is tomorrow morning 9am.. I'm so happy that it's my last paper this sem.. The pack and tiring 20 credit hours sem which consist of 6 subjects and FYP will be over soon.. But the problem is that I've no mood to study and answer this paper tomorrow's.. haih~ My roommate has gone back home dy, half the room is empty now.. haha.. So is everyone else, one by one all finishing their papers and leaving UTP..

I been on facebook most of the time if not just browsing around & reading people's blog.. Charles passed me a link to "How much is your blog worth?" You guys & gals with blogs should go and check out how much is your site worth.. Mine is only 146.. haha.. My blog is kinda new I guess.. See..

My site is worth $146

How much is yours worth?

Now back to studying.. before I do that I'll take a short nap.. haha.. :P


AlexAlabasta said...

We're the same...maybe I'm lower, huhu~

Xpe, bro, usaha gigih lagi~!

valium said...

mine worth $1219