Saturday, November 15, 2008



It's been quite some time since I've blogged.. Finals has started a week ago and I have just finished 2 papers so far, KM Development & E-Commerce.. I have 4 more to go.. Firstly KM Technology this Monday, HRM on Tuesday, Corporate Ethics on Wednesday & Advanced Database the following Tuesday..

I have been practically studying at level 3 closed carrel almost everyday from 10 am - 11pm.. With my batch mates which consist of ITIS only.. I kinda realized I'm kinda old in UTP and will be graduating next sem while walking around IRC and don't seem to recognize any faces.. haha..

Internet connection is back again.. I'm grateful even its the slowest connection I've ever used.. FYI there was no connection for almost a week in UTP.. So for those who are having finals next week and so on, I wish you all the best.. Have fun studying.. haha..

Before I forget, I wana wish Happy Birthday to CHARLES TAN IAN KUN.. All the best in what ever you do.. See ya in IRC dude.. :D and also to Cammy and Mohan whose birthdays fall on the same day 15th Nov.. Happy Birthday you guys..


charlz said...

wah!! How come u updated ur blog n it doesnt appear in my blog's updated list! argh.. failure of blogspot's blogroll updates!! >.<

charlz said...

I wonder if Cammy n Mohan will ever see this post :)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

oh really.. entah la.. maybe some flaw some where la..

cammy maybe not.. but mohan never la.. but nvm.. wish oni.. hehe.. maybe they google their name ke.. hahaha..