Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chapter 2 – Banting “Keropok”


I'm back again.. So where’s Banting? Somewhere near Klang and the airport. Haha.. That’s all that I know from what Xiao Qi told me.. We reached KL around 3 something and decided to have our supper so we drop by Murni’s..

Murni’s is some sort of high class mamak I will say, whatever you wana eat u can find it there from roti canai to spaghetti, cabonara to “lou shi fan”. So then I ordered “Roti Hawai” (yes it’s like the pizza but this is made with roti canai) one of my fav food there and Ribena Lychee, it sounds weird but it’s so nice.. hehe..

After that with our bellies full, we continue our journey to Isaac’s sis place to put his luggage and computer stuff.. Then we headed to Xiao Qi’s house which is in Banting.. We reach her house about 7am.. The sun was out and her parents were up dy.. We literally drove from night to day.. We showered, play around with facebook, took our breakfast and went to bed..

In the beginning I thought there was nothing in Banting until Xiao Qi brought us to Keropok heaven.. Haha.. The keropok factory was huge man.. You could find any keropok that you could think of there.. Some people were buying in kg’s worth of keropok..

which one to buy? buy both oni la Isaac.. hehe..

Curi2 taste a bit..

See on the counter.. Thats all ours.. haha.. :P

Can u imagine yourself eating keropok worth RM30..

After that we had our lunch at 4pm.. Yes it was a very late lunch indeed.. All of us had kolok mee Banting style.. Isaac and I tried to convince Mel to join us back to JB.. Some last minute attempts to change her mind.. But did or didn't we manage to convince her??? Find out in my next post.. haha.. It’s almost 3am and I’m so sleepy now.. Get well soon Sheepie..:) Lastly, Happy Holidays to all UTP students..

Kolok Mee Banting Style..
Mel jom la go JB..
So did we convince her?


xox `Lyng` xox said...

Apa nih keropok banyak skali.

Tsk tsk. So mahal man.

Save some for me. XD

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

got a lot.. come kl.. can eat to your hearts content.. hahaha.. cheap oni la..

sheepie said...

u are soooo handsome! miss u muchos muchos

charlz said...

Wow... so much keropok!! XD hahaha.. kolok mee? hmm.. in myplace, its called konlo me pulak >.<