Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chapter 1 – Semester Break is here..


Finals are over and now it’s time to go back home.. I’m so glad that it’s over. Yeah!! I took the bus at about 9pm and reached home about 12.30am last night.. Come allow me to bring you back to the events leading back home.. The only things that I planned for this holiday was to join the IPT Conference 2008 from 3rd to 5th Dec at KL Convention Centre and also to start on my FYP project.. So what to do until then?

First Melissa, Isaac and I was suppose to go back JB for few days and visit Singapore while we’re there and also stop by Kluang before returning back to KL.. We were also sending Xiao Qi back home to Banting on our back.. Now Singapore is out of the option since Isaac’s mom didn’t want to post his passport to him.. She doesn't trust sending through post..

The only thing left to do in UTP was to pack all my stuff.. We planned to leave UTP about 8pm after dinner but was delayed for at least 5 hours.. Haha.. Mainly cause of me la I think, by the time I finish packing it was already 9pm then only wana go dinner. We finally left UTP about 1 am. Melissa now couldn’t join us for the trip back to JB. She wanted to meet her mother in KL.

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