Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chapter 2 – Banting “Keropok”


I'm back again.. So where’s Banting? Somewhere near Klang and the airport. Haha.. That’s all that I know from what Xiao Qi told me.. We reached KL around 3 something and decided to have our supper so we drop by Murni’s..

Murni’s is some sort of high class mamak I will say, whatever you wana eat u can find it there from roti canai to spaghetti, cabonara to “lou shi fan”. So then I ordered “Roti Hawai” (yes it’s like the pizza but this is made with roti canai) one of my fav food there and Ribena Lychee, it sounds weird but it’s so nice.. hehe..

After that with our bellies full, we continue our journey to Isaac’s sis place to put his luggage and computer stuff.. Then we headed to Xiao Qi’s house which is in Banting.. We reach her house about 7am.. The sun was out and her parents were up dy.. We literally drove from night to day.. We showered, play around with facebook, took our breakfast and went to bed..

In the beginning I thought there was nothing in Banting until Xiao Qi brought us to Keropok heaven.. Haha.. The keropok factory was huge man.. You could find any keropok that you could think of there.. Some people were buying in kg’s worth of keropok..

which one to buy? buy both oni la Isaac.. hehe..

Curi2 taste a bit..

See on the counter.. Thats all ours.. haha.. :P

Can u imagine yourself eating keropok worth RM30..

After that we had our lunch at 4pm.. Yes it was a very late lunch indeed.. All of us had kolok mee Banting style.. Isaac and I tried to convince Mel to join us back to JB.. Some last minute attempts to change her mind.. But did or didn't we manage to convince her??? Find out in my next post.. haha.. It’s almost 3am and I’m so sleepy now.. Get well soon Sheepie..:) Lastly, Happy Holidays to all UTP students..

Kolok Mee Banting Style..
Mel jom la go JB..
So did we convince her?

Chapter 1 – Semester Break is here..


Finals are over and now it’s time to go back home.. I’m so glad that it’s over. Yeah!! I took the bus at about 9pm and reached home about 12.30am last night.. Come allow me to bring you back to the events leading back home.. The only things that I planned for this holiday was to join the IPT Conference 2008 from 3rd to 5th Dec at KL Convention Centre and also to start on my FYP project.. So what to do until then?

First Melissa, Isaac and I was suppose to go back JB for few days and visit Singapore while we’re there and also stop by Kluang before returning back to KL.. We were also sending Xiao Qi back home to Banting on our back.. Now Singapore is out of the option since Isaac’s mom didn’t want to post his passport to him.. She doesn't trust sending through post..

The only thing left to do in UTP was to pack all my stuff.. We planned to leave UTP about 8pm after dinner but was delayed for at least 5 hours.. Haha.. Mainly cause of me la I think, by the time I finish packing it was already 9pm then only wana go dinner. We finally left UTP about 1 am. Melissa now couldn’t join us for the trip back to JB. She wanted to meet her mother in KL.

Monday, November 24, 2008

How much is your blog worth?


Some random post only today.. I have 1 more paper to go, Advanced Database Systems which is tomorrow morning 9am.. I'm so happy that it's my last paper this sem.. The pack and tiring 20 credit hours sem which consist of 6 subjects and FYP will be over soon.. But the problem is that I've no mood to study and answer this paper tomorrow's.. haih~ My roommate has gone back home dy, half the room is empty now.. haha.. So is everyone else, one by one all finishing their papers and leaving UTP..

I been on facebook most of the time if not just browsing around & reading people's blog.. Charles passed me a link to "How much is your blog worth?" You guys & gals with blogs should go and check out how much is your site worth.. Mine is only 146.. haha.. My blog is kinda new I guess.. See..

My site is worth $146

How much is yours worth?

Now back to studying.. before I do that I'll take a short nap.. haha.. :P

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Praise God..


I'm just about done wif almost all of my finals except one more which is on Tuesday.. I had 5 papers in 7 days.. My very first time experiencing back2back papers, I've not even had 2 papers consequently before this also.. Suddenly kena 3 straight.. For some of you I guess it's a norm right.. Now I can gladly say I have experience 3 final papers back2back, 3 tests in one day, 4 projects in a week.. huhu..

I just wanna praise God for everything he has done for me.. God is truly awesome that even with my migraine problem everyday, he pulled me through my papers.. Thanks to my Muggles mates for their help and support in preparing for finals and all.. COP friends for your prayers.. My roommie for listening to me complain.. haha.. Sorry if I missed out anyone..

It's 3 am and I'm not sleepy yet.. I guess it's become a habit this whole week.. Studying until 2am then sleep a while until 4am and continue studying till paper starts.. All the best for those still having finals.. For those who are worn out, read this..

God will renew your strength and give you the power to endure..
Put your hope and expectation in him..
Isaiah 40:28

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What triggers migraines..

Hello people,

I've been having migraine on and off for almost a whole year now.. I first started facing this problem during my internship period.. But lately, I’ve been experiencing migraine frequently and more painful sometimes.. I don't know why can get migraines all, I’m still young kot.. Many people say I just don't have enough sleep... Maybe it's true.. So I googled it up and here is what I've found out..

For the benefit of those who don't know what migraine is? Migraine is a neurological syndrome. A severe, disabling headache, usually affecting only one side of the head, and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and a heightened sensitivity to bright lights (photophobia) and noise(hyperacusis) .. I got this from Wikipedia only.. haha.. About 80 percent of people who have migraine headaches have a family history of migraines.. Did you know this??

What can I do about this migraine of mine then? I have eaten panadol and if the pain is still unbearable I’ve taken ponstant.. Somehow prevention is better then cures right. I kinda know some things that cause my migraine and I have been avoiding it.. I try my best too of course.. :D What triggers migraines? I read an article about it..

  1. Certain foods such as chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits, coffee, tea (I’ve stop eating chocs and drink coffee only when wana stay up late so which has been lately only..)
  2. Alcohol (Don’t drink..)
  3. Too much or too little sleep (Too much? How I hope man.. Too little maybe, I sleep 4 hours a day only..)
  4. Changes in hormone balance in women - such as periods, the pill, menopause and hormone replacement therapy (I’m not a woman.. haha.. )
  5. Emotional stress, or relaxation after a period of stress (Not applicable to me I think..)
  6. Irregular meals (So me.. Eat whenever hungry only)
  7. Smoking (I hate smoking, I just cant stand the smell of the smoke..)
  8. Bright or flashing lights (Yes, this I know one of the reasons that cause my migraine..)
  9. Loud noise (Nope..)
  10. Weather - high pressure conditions, changes in pressure, hot dry winds, change of season and exposure to sun and glare (I don’t think so.. Have been living in UTP for 4 years dy..)
  11. Intense smells such as paint, fumes from cars or perfume (Didn’t know this can cause migraine..)
Unfortunately, avoiding triggers is not always possible right, and even then this may not prevent an attack.. Most migraines have no obvious identifiable cause.. Before I go back to studying for HRM finals tomorrow & CE on Wednesday, wana wish Happy Birthday to Tirza.. Your're 19 today.. hehe..

Saturday, November 15, 2008



It's been quite some time since I've blogged.. Finals has started a week ago and I have just finished 2 papers so far, KM Development & E-Commerce.. I have 4 more to go.. Firstly KM Technology this Monday, HRM on Tuesday, Corporate Ethics on Wednesday & Advanced Database the following Tuesday..

I have been practically studying at level 3 closed carrel almost everyday from 10 am - 11pm.. With my batch mates which consist of ITIS only.. I kinda realized I'm kinda old in UTP and will be graduating next sem while walking around IRC and don't seem to recognize any faces.. haha..

Internet connection is back again.. I'm grateful even its the slowest connection I've ever used.. FYI there was no connection for almost a week in UTP.. So for those who are having finals next week and so on, I wish you all the best.. Have fun studying.. haha..

Before I forget, I wana wish Happy Birthday to CHARLES TAN IAN KUN.. All the best in what ever you do.. See ya in IRC dude.. :D and also to Cammy and Mohan whose birthdays fall on the same day 15th Nov.. Happy Birthday you guys..