Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Business Plan Presentation..


It's been a week since I've blogged.. So whats been going on with my life this pass week.. This whole week was all about projects and presentations for me and thank God I could pull through all of it.. First off, the business plan presentation.. It's safe to say that this project was one of the most toughest non programming projects so far.. It took us about 3 to 4 days and nights to complete this project.. We have been all over UTP completing this project, first starting with IRC in the afternoon, v5 cafe at night, midnights at Chanselor's to get internet connection, at labs till 3 to 4 am.. What a relieve when we finally wrap it up with our presentation that Saturday morning and also lunch was provided.. Yeah! thanks Ms.Ainol.. :) I would say it went fairly well overall.. haha.. Good job Muggles.. :D

midnights at Chanselor's

Charles ready for a nap..

days at IRC..

the girls..

the guys.. and presenting the

Muggles.. not the complete bunch.. :)

and finally Happy Birthday HANNAH!..

Please note this rare incidence of Hannah with glasses.. You're 21 gal, welcome to the club.. haha.. In a while I still have HRM presentation to go.. Till next time..

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Charlz said...

Ho ho ho ho!!! Can't wait to see how she give marks for our 20% bis plan! XD