Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Hey you guys,

It has been a long time since I updated my blog.. I kinda didn't have the mood to blog but no worries now.. The mood to blog is back.. haha.. :)

There are many things actually I wanted to blog about and I'll start with my siblings and my birthday celebration at Sizzling Stone.. Our birthdays are all close together.. My sis on 26th Sept as you can see my last blog post, my brother on 10th Oct and Happy 14th Birthday!!!.. Lastly mine on the 19th Oct which is coming up soon.. :D Let the pictures explain the birthday celebration..

The Whole Family

My 1st time trying Ostrich meat..
It's dam nice, that all I can say.. :D

My brother's food.. The everyday chicken..

Our birthday cards and gifts..

This is how my parents describe me at home.. haha.. :P

Of course la my stuff are lying around the whole house since I don't have a room anymore or a cupboard to put my belongings.. My cupboard is my luggage bag every time I'm home for the holidays.. Lastly I wana wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my younger but bigger brother.. hehe.. That's all for now.. Till next time.. :D

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