Friday, September 5, 2008

XOXO is back

Hey people,

Gossip Girls is back again.. I just watched the 1st episode of season 2 with my roomie.. The 1st episode picked up from where it left off in season 1.. The characters looked as gorgeous and charming as they were before.. haha..

In the finale, D broke up with S, S dam blur and wondering wth is going on, N going through his family stuff, B stood up by C at the airport, C is just good at being C, J was alone , E came out and told everyone his gay.. haha.. So for episode 1 you'll have to watch yourself and find out what happens next.. Don't want to be a spoiler la..:)

the cast for season 2

my favorite couple

haih~ Chuck and Blair

Jenny's growing up..:)

My tests all are over for now.. Next is assignments, projects and FYP week.. Don't wana talk about it & stress myself out now.. Wana take a break a while going Ipoh to lepak lepak.. :) Plan to watch "Money No Enough 2" so hope got tickets.. For the rest who are still having tests, GOOD LUCK!! to you..


Charlz said...

Blair is just so beautiful and Jenny's the next big bomb~ =P But bitchy girls aren't really my type. Cuci mata sudah la hahaha~

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

wa wa.. Charles.. :) hahahaha..