Friday, September 12, 2008

Where's the Rain?..

Hey people,

I finally got a chance to blog after this hectic week.. The weather is so super duper hot right now.. Where's the rain when you want it?? Each time I go out of my room to cafe or somewhere I'll come back sweating.. haih~ Then what to do go and bath again and again.. I haven slept in like more then a day dy due to finishing up projects and assignments and when I'm finally done with those I cant fall a sleep.. So here I am blogging about how hot it is.. :)

Now for two overdue birthday posts.. First "Happy Birthday!!!" Hazman..

5 Dinamik year 2004

William, the birthday boy :p, Jesse, James

Next birthday wishes goes out to Isaac which is actually today the 12th.. I'm late but still in time.. That all for now you guys.. Wana replace this weeks' sleep, if its possible la.. :D haha..


Charlz said...

hahaha!! John, I noticed u corrected urself on this entry's title. From "where d rain" to "where's d rain" good good! XD

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

lor.. haha.. have 2 ma.. memalukan oni.. :D