Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open Book Test..


I'm finally done with tests and all for this week.. Got 1 more tho this Thursday, ADS lab test which shouldn't be much of a problem.. hehe.. I just finish 2 tests, KMD yesterday and KMT today morning.. Yesterday test was so so only and I thought today's KMT test would be much better since it was an open book test but how I was mistaken.. haha.. oh man!! Cant do ar.. Who ever said open book tests was any easier to begin with?? Please do understand the reason why is it open book and of course which lecturer will base their questions from the book..

I was staring at the question for so long, flipping through every single lecture notes and text book but to no avail.. NOTHING.. The lecturer looking at all of us with pity decided to extend the test for another 30 mins.. Since everyone's paper was empty she thought 30 mins more would help.. haha.. I was thinking to myself "does this help".. It kinda did.. I was able to use skills from crapology 101.. haha.. Most of students now days are equipped with this skill.. Trust me somehow for some paper you all already used this skill.. True or not?.. :P


Charles Tan said...

Wahahaha~! I sempat buat muka kesian and ask her "will u accept my few last minute lines of code" after she's collected all the papers. XD can't wait to see the marks n laugh at myself! hoho

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. ya lor.. you write the codes on the lecture notes some more.. let c the outcome later.. :P