Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One Tree Hill


How have you guys been so far? It's week 8 and there is 2 more week++ to go till Raya break.. Cant wait!!!.. Just finish most of my tests last week.. This week is all about reaching the deadlines for assignments, project and FYP.. HRM Assignment, Corporate Ethics Assignment(more like a project man..), Advance Database Project 1, FYP Progress Report and FYP Seminar all on the 12th, Friday.. Short summary of my deadline week..

One more thing.. One Tree Hill is back.. yeah!! Kinda late la to be excited about it since it started screening few days ago.. But I got to watch my favorite back in action, BROOKE..

I especially like the 1st episode of season 6.. I was kinda surprise when Brooke and Lucas was married in the beginning of the episode.. But then "ohhh okie!!".. haha.. I think everyone already knew who LUCAS called at the airport to get hitched with him at Vegas.. who else other then PEYTON.. The saying true love lasts forever, or does it really?? I would like to believe it does.. :)

Cant wait for the next episode to see them again.. hehe.. Got to get ready for KMT quiz in the morning.. Till next time.. tata.. :)


Charles Tan said...


ur fav actress kena belasah!! hahaha while MY Peyton is currently living happily ever after =P (overexcited pulak) hahaha

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. Kinda over exicited.. :P Just one time oni kot since season 1.. If not wrong la.. Your Peyton kena so many times dy.. haha.. So change change a bit la the plot.. If not will be boring I guess.. :D