Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fortune Tellers..

Hey guys & gals,

I have just finish two tests yesterday, E-Commerce and Human Resource Management (HRM - for those who don't know the meaning of HRM.. haha..) and I have one more which is Corporate Ethics tomorrow which has only one test and it's 20% of CW marks.. Crazy ar heavy weightage man.. Pressure pressure to do well for this.. I have one day to prepare and I'm not feeling well now some more running nose and all.. :(

Ok.. back to the title "Fortune Tellers".. Fortune-telling is the practice of predicting the future, usually of an individual, through mystical or supernatural means and often for commercial gain.. from wikipedia.. haha..

So what happen was that in class while having our case study discussion in groups.. I meet some fortune tellers.. Wait wait.. Btw the topic for that class was about "Privacy".. haha.. Our group discussion became to a fortune telling session instead..

Marina and Inarm were speaking Thai and Malini became our translator.. Credit to Charles and his iPhone for these pictures.. One by one the girls future was told.. haha.. But it was very very funny la in class.. Anyway I don't believe in this fortune telling thingy.. How they can read your palm and tell you your whole life ahead of you.. hahaha.. I think it's crapology 101.. :) No offense to anyone.. A random picture in class which has nothing to do with fortune tellers..

footwear from our group of 7.. :)

Note: Disclaimer: They are note actually fortune tellers la.. But they can give you "a run for your money"..