Friday, September 26, 2008

Before Day 1..

Hey guys,

It's Friday and mid-sem break is here FINALLY.. A well awaited holiday from all the studying, deadlines, FYP and blah blah blah.. I have about 11 lecture-free days to refresh myself and catch up on what ever work that needs to be done..I was suppose to join COP gang for McD Supper last night but couldn't because I had HRM questionnaire and interview questions to complete which I have just only completed.. haha.. last day still got work to do.. haih~

It's exactly 24 hours more to Cameron Church Camp for fun, relax and fellowship blah blah blah.. hehe.. "Before day 1".. I still haven't have the mood to pack yet. .My bag is still empty, maybe tonight only I'll start and I'll end up just chucking all my clothes in the bag and pick what to wear there.. haha.. Kinda lazy to pack when I come to think of it.. Since I don't have any clothes at home I'll have no choice and still have to pack for JB anyways..

Before I forget I wana wish Happy Holidays to all and to my Muslim friends an early "Selamat Hari Raya!!.." :D

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